1953 Crash in Burbank!

By Paul Anton: "If I remember correctly, I was too young to drive, so my father took me to the site. I had a 4X5 Speed Graphic press camera and I was allowed through the fire lines. I took the films home and developed them, then my father drove me to the LA Times. They said I had missed their deadline for the paper. I was told not to take them home to develop the films, but to let them do it. I missed getting a picture in the LA Times by a few hours. It might have changed my life since I was very interested in photography at the time.

As I remember the plane was a converted B-26 that took off from Grand Central in Glendale. They lost an engine on take off and didn't clean the plane up and came down just off Hollywood Way. I was 15 at the time and taking flying lessons at Grand Central so I was able to find out a bit about the crash. You can see in the close up of the cockpit that the landing gear is still down. The added drag prevented them from gaining any altitude.

A man in the apartment was killed, but both pilots survived the crash."

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