Burbank Unified School District

Division of Instruction

245 East Magnolia Boulevard

Burbank, California

January, 1967

The book's author is uncredited, but it was Dolores Palmer

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As a part of the study of United States History and Government, our eighth grade students learn about the government of communities through a study of the history and government of their own community. For many years the instructional material for a part of this study, that of Burbank's early history, has been taken from the booklet, The Story of Burbank From Her Eventful Pioneer Days, published by the Magnolia Park Chamber of Commerce, and from the booklet, A Brief History of Burbank, California, printed by the city of Burbank. The supply of these materials has dwindled to the point that there are not sufficient copies to supply the eighth grade students and this booklet has been compiled, using much the same text and pictures, to meet this instructional need.


Chapter One: The Spanish Period

Chapter Two: The American Period

Chapter Three: The City of Burbank