Ansel Adams Visits Burbank

In 1941 the famous photographer Ansel Adams (pictured above) visited Burbank to shoot a series of photos for a Fortune magazine article entitled "City of the Angels: The U.S. breeds its air power in the fabulous empire of oomph." It ran in the March 1941 issue and provides an interesting shot of life in and around the Lockheed plant just before wartime. The pictures are as follows and are in the collection of the Los Angeles Public Library.

Photos above entitled "News Stand and Shop Near Lockheed Plant"

Perhaps somebody is selling something from the back of a truck near Lockheed.

The Lockheed plant can be seen in the background of this shot.

An ad for the Hotel Savoy (in downtown L.A., not to be confused with Burbank's Savoy Hotel)

Parking lot near Lockheed - Adams probably liked the irony of this sign

More parking lot shots

Street corner in Burbank

The Lockheed plant near Hollywood Way or the one on Empire. Looks like Empire, near the entrance to the long and drafty corridor the workers used to call "Pneumonia Alley."

Lockheed workers taking a break.

Lockheed Aerodynamics Lab (foreground) and other buildings at Lockheed Aircraft Corporation in Burbank.

Lockheed worker Cole Weston and wife in their $15 a month bungalow, probably in Burbank. Weston was the son of Adams' friend and associate Edward Weston.

Lockheed worker Cole Weston and wife and unidentified other at a bowling alley and at a swing shift dance.

Lockheed workers at lunch.

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