The Burbank Military Academy

Thanks to reader Lyla El-Safy all of the pages from the now defunct Burbank Military Academy's 1936 editon of "the Buzzer," is available via Google Photo Album.

The Academy was founded in 1932, but closed by the 1940's.

From reader Dan Waite:

"I happen to know where the Burbank Military Academy is now and have sent some pictures that I took this morning.  It is on the corner of Winona and Parish Pl and has been an apartment complex for my entire life.  My Dad remembers it when he was a kid in the neighborhood but it was abandoned.  In the mid 40's he and his friends would play there and find cool stuff around the grounds like Model A car bodies and incinerator doors etc.  The building sits just back from Winona, there is another apt right on the corner.  Interestingly enough, my house on Lamer is south of Winona.  I have a fence on the north side of my property that separates me from the the back behind my shed it is old and rusty.  My Dad says it's the original fence from the rear of the BMA's property where the athletic field was.  My Dad and I cut the posts down to 4' some time in the 70's, but there is still one longer post that the neighbor to the rear of me has his fence tied to...I am including pix of this also.  My property is where the shed and palm trees are.

  Other than where it is now, I don't know any of the history of the school other than it was gone when my dad was growing up here in the mid 40's."

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