The Burbank Speedway

by Robert Miller

The track at Jim Jeffries Ranch was known as Burbank Speedway and ran from 1931-35. Newspapers only reported on the track in 1932-33.

It was a 5/8 mile dirt oval and very little info is available on the track.

It is most likely one of the many tracks that sprang up in an effort to make a couple of bucks during the depression. The aerial photo above is from 1938.

Caption:"Frank built a grill for Johnny Pasco's Model T raodster that ran in the races at Jeffries Ranch in Burbank in 1933. Owned by heavyweight boxing champion Jim Jeffries, the track was a training ground for many of the drivers who, like Karl Young, at left, would become stars in midget racing. Pasco, however, was killed in 1933." (Ellona Kurtis collection)

In years of searching I've only managed to find three photos from trackside, only one shows features unique to Jefferies Ranch.

In the background of the photo above between the two cars you can see the two white uprights with lintel and to the right of it just above the car the peak of the barn is visible.

These cars are low dollar racers assembled to put on a good show for the fans, not set any speed records. At this time period all the first class cars were racing at Legion Ascot located in Alhambra.

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