Burbanker or Burbankian?

by Wes Clark and Mike McDaniel

We understand that there was once some controversy within City Hall as to what a resident of the City of Burbank should be called, "Burbanker" or "Burbankian." Granted, this is not an issue of pressing importance, but as Burbank's 100th anniversary of incorporation comes up next year, it might be nice to arrive at a uniform designation.

As editors of this Burbankia website, where Burbank lore, tradition and history are captured and cherished, we have an opinion. It should be "Burbanker." This usage is hallowed by ancient tradition. In the Burbank Times issue of 30 November 1889, we find the following note from the editor: "Gano Henry, Jr., has opened a boarding stable at 110 Upper Main Street, Los Angeles. Mr. H. is an old Burbanker and his friends in this section ought not to forget his place of business when they drive into town." Click here for an image.


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