Everyone knows about Sunset Canyon and Wildwood Canyon, but can you name the other canyons in Burbank?


  1. Sunset - Where Sunset Canyon Dr. is.
  2. Wildwood - Where Wildwood Canyon Park is located.
  3. Brace - Where Brace Canyon Rd. leads.
  4. Cabrini - More or less where Trudi Ln. is.
  5. Craig - At the end of Groton Dr.
  6. Dark - This is where Barham Blvd. leads to Hollywood.
  7. Deer - To the right of Sunset Canyon Rd. (as you go up) across from the water tanks.
  8. Fisher - Next to Cabrini, behind Villa Cabrini Academy.
  9. Jeffries - At the end of Hollywood Way.
  10. McClure - To the right of Brace Canyon.
  11. Sennet - Not really in Burbank. Across from Warner Bros.
  12. Story - Starts more or less at the end of E. Tujunga Ave.
  13. Elmwood - As you might expect, it starts at the end of E. Elmwood Ave.
  14. Stough - Where Stough Park is.



These canyons are all located on this topographical map.

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