Classic Burbank Things To Do

by Wes Clark

From a Facebook entry. Yes, Burbank has changed a lot. But there are still things you can do that Burbankers have been doing for three decades or so...

1.) Have dinner at Pinocchio's/Monte Carlo.
2.) Have a Santoro's Sub for lunch.
3.) Eat a Martino's teacake or two.
4.) Take a free ride up the glass elevator in the Holiday Inn for a 18th floor view of the city.
5.) Browse books at Autobooks Aerobooks. Buy one about a car you like.
6.) If you visit Burbank High School, visit the auditorium. It hasn't changed at all.
7.) Drive up to Stough Park and enjoy the lights of the city in the parking lot (you'll have to walk - it's chained shut).
8.) Go to Big Boy Bob's (on Riverside Dr. in Toluca Lake) on Friday night and enjoy a free car show.
9.) Visit the Central Burbank Public Library and thumb through a magazine. Then visit the reference desk and ask a question about Burbank history and get referred to this website.
10.) Dine at the Castaway's.
11.) Dine at the Smoke House and eat the GARLIC BREAD!
12.) Catch the Burbank vs. Burroughs game if you're in town then.
13.) Watch a taping of the Tonight Show (but hurry - it's moving to NYC).
14.) Breakfast at the Coral Cafe.
15.) Eat lunch at Talleyrand
16.) Buy some electronic item from Electronic City
17.) Get your VW fixed by Bela.
18.) Eat at Lancer's.
19.) Put a penny on the railroad tracks at the end of Lincoln Street for the train to crush flat.
20.) Visit City Hall and marvel at the Art Deco bas reliefs on the street.  Take picture inside from the second story rail while your family members stand on the first on the huge marble city seal from 1941.
21.) Eat at Larry’s Hot Dog.
22. ) Have your picture taken at the top of Olive Ave under the Country Club Arch.
23.) Visit Compass Tree Park, the world's smallest park commemorating the trees planted by the padres as a directional guide to the San Fernando Mission.
24.) Eat at Chili John’s.

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