RememBURBANK - The Burbank library system's Burbank history podcast

A History of Burbank, 1967 (Profusely illustrated!)

Burbank Community Book, 1944

Burbank: An Historical Geography by Ronald Lockman (1967)

A Brief History of Burbank, California (1961)

Ranchos de los Santos - The Story of Burbank (1927)

The Story of Burbank from Her Eventful Pioneer Days (1954)

Your Burbank Home (1928)

Burbank - Its Place in the Sun (c. 1930)

Burbank City Charter (1937 version)

Burbank History (1975) by Jackson Mayers, Ph.D.

Some interesting bits of information from Jackson Mayers' 1975 Burbank History

Other books and material

Selected Burbank City Directories 1921-1970.

The Boys - A Memoir of Hollywood and Family by Ron and Clint Howard.

Bits of History (1985)

A Discussion about Burbank Street Names

"The 1887 Brick Block Building Not Remodeled: Replaced in 1929" by Vance Pomeroy

A Collection of Burbank Murders and Mishaps from the Los Angeles Times 1890-1983

Burbank Veterans Memorial Book (2013 edition)

World War I Burbank Veteran images

Burbank High School 70th Anniversary Book (1978)

Burbank Pride and Progress pamphlet (1981)

1950 Annual City Report

Historical Timeline (from 2013 budget document)

Burbank Historic Sign Survey

The 1945 Parks and Rec Survey

Of Men and Stars (1957 Lockheed history)

Chapter 1 - Gross Hitches His Wagon to a Star
Chapter 2 - The First Lockheeds
Of Men and Stars, Chapter 3 - From Boom to Bankruptcy
Of Men and Stars, Chapter 4 - Lockheed Electra-fies the Airlines
Of Men and Stars, Chapter 5 - Peace, Prosperity and Peril.
Of Men and Stars, Chapter 6 - Lockheed at War.
Of Men and Stars, Chapter 7 - From War to Peace.
Of Men and Stars, Chapter 8 - Jitters and Jets.
Of Men and Stars, Chapter 9 - Forward from the Fifties.

Burbankia Slide Show

Slide Show, 9 July 2011
Burbankia 3 Slide Show, 4 September 2014

Burbank Movie

Burbank: Story of a City (1952)

1946 Train Ride

1946 Burbank/Glendale Railroad Film Footage

1947 Walt Disney publication given to people moving to Burbank
Murder on Lincoln Street! - The 1933 Tom Bay Case
Foiled by a Lockheed Badge - the 1945 Bank Robbery
1977 Burbank Calendar
1978 Burbank Calendar
1972 Burbank Street Map
1966-1967 Burbank Unified School District Directory
Maurice Poirier, Burbank Inventor and Ten Ideas Per Minute Man
Robert Vincent's Burbank N Beyond coverage for the Burbank 100th
Burbank A.B.C. Directory (1942)
A Short History of the Mormon Church in Burbank
The Cabrini Chapel

Dr. David Burbank
Dr. David Burbank Statue and Dedication

Bonnie Gray: Burbank's Celebrated Cowgirl

The 1971 Sylmar Earthquake (from Avocado Memories by Wes Clark)

Excerpts from the Burbank Times:

30 March 1889
6 April 1889
13 April 1889
20 April 1889
27 April 1889
16 November 1889
30 November 1889

Annexation Movement

Consolidation Joe - If it were up to this early Burbanker, the city would be part of Los Angeles.

World War II

Fortress Burbank - Ring of Fire: The 121st Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion in Burbank
Wings for the Eagle (Lockheed, 1942)
The 635th Tank Destroyer Battalion in Burbank
How To Hide An Airplane Factory
A Wartime Encounter!
The First Real Blackout in Burbank
Maj. Ed Dyess P-38 crash into St. Finbar, Dec 22 1943.
A Lockheed P-38 Returns to Burbank!
Japanese-American Camps in Burbank.
Ansel Adams in Burbank
Two Burbank WAVES Remember World War II
Laura Ingalls: Aviator, Nazi Agent and Burbank Mata Hari
1945 Airplane Crash
The P-38 Poem
Filmmaker tells personal story of Manzanar

The 1934 Eric Madison murder
Los Angeles Times columns

The 1953 Mabel Monohan murder
The Mabel Monohan murder
A Collection of Monohan Murder articles from the Los Angeles Times, 1953 and 1954


Vietnam photos
Marines Corps Day in Burbank, 1968

Burbank High School

Burbank High School Athletics Ninety Years Ago
The Burbank High School 100th Anniversary
Linda Mustion's Burbank High School, Burbank, CA In Memoriam (Burbank High School Deceased Alumni By Class Years) blog

Images from the 1984 "Burbank Champions of the Past" calendar

Time Capsules
Atomic power, monorails... it's Burbank 2009! (As envisioned in the 1959 Magnolia Blvd. Bridge time capsule)
1959 Time Capsule Found
1959 Burbank Time Capsule contents
Warner Bros. Works on the 1959 Time Capsule
Burbank 1976! (1976 time capsule)
2111 Time Capsule flyer
2111 Time Capsule web page


Burbank Airport in the Thirties
Lockheed in Burbank, 1928-1994, Selected Highlights
What Plane?
Transporting the A-12
A Notable Barrel Roll!
Lockheed Comes to Burbank
Burbank Gets a Major Airfield
A Softer Side of Lockheed

The Emmanuel Church Story (Pete Peterson)

1903 Map of Burbank

Burbank's 40th Anniversary

Burbank's 75th Anniversary

The Burbank-Burroughs Football Rivalry

Crime and Corruption in Burbank, early 1950's

Bonar Dyer letter, 1953
Burbank Citizens' Crime Prevention Committee report, 1953
Small Cities Can Lick Crime, Too! (Coronet, May 1956)

Burbank icon Harry Strickland dies at 100


The History of Pickwick Drive-In
The Burbank Speedway (on James J. Jeffries property)
A Colony of Cranks: The Henry Family at Freedom Hill
Bob Clampett's "Beanyland"
Rachael Jones' Burbank High School Football Tickets from the 1920s
Burbank on Demand: "Early Burbank" (Mike and I appear at the 3:38 point.)
The Lovejoy Castle
LDS Building History
Is it "Burbanker" or "Burbankian?"
City of Burbank - Citywide Historic Context Report (September 2009)
The Ben Mar Development
The Burbank Theatre
The Burbank Branch (part of abandonedrails.com)
An account of the 1927 fire
Scans of an 1889 issue of The Burbank Times
Front Street and Interstate 5 in Burbank
The Burbank Military Academy
the Unimart Building
City of Burbank streamliner
The Burbank Train Robbery
The Epic Battle of Cahuenga Pass!
Debbie Reynolds, Miss Burbank of 1948
Bruce Petty's Burbank Tower ~ SP Southern Pacific HO shelf Model Railroad Train Layout
Burbank Branch Industries, 1981
The 1968 Cheryl Perveler Murder.
Turkey Crossing
1949: Snow in Burbank!
Burbank's Gemini Space Capsule of Love
The Jeffries Barn
Fawkes Folly
(Burbank's famous early monorail)
The Fawkes Family Follies
(So much more than just a monorail)
Roadsideamerica's The Old Trapper's Lodge
Henry Mingay, Burbank's Celebrated Civil War Veteran
1891 Farmhouse Demolition
The Battle of Burbank, 5 October 1945 (wikipedia entry)
Martinos - A Burbank Bakery Institution
The Burbank Golden Mall
The phrase "Beautiful Downtown Burbank"
Fire at Columbia Ranch!
Freddie Sanchez Day
What Hasn't Changed in Burbank.
Compass Tree Park.
A Few Words About Perren's Deli
The Moreland Truck Company, 1917-1940
Burbank's Official Song: "In Burbank"
Burbank promotional films
Civil Defense in Burbank, 1951
Burbank's Big Leagues : At Olive Memorial Stadium, Hapless St. Louis Browns Got Some Respect
Recovered footage: Amelia Earhart at Burbank Airport
Rene Russo's Escape from Elmwood
The Story of Bogie's Affair in Burbank
Phantom Fast Lanes: Whitnall Highway and the Footprint of Best Laid Plans
A Story of Murder (Sandra Pyne), 1970
Valhalla Memorial Park and Portal of the Folded Wings: The Criminal Beginnings of a Burbank Burial Ground
Amable and Clementine Lamer
James M. Cain House
Paul Wolfe article
Rowan and Martin and Compton
Glenoaks Barracks Memory Piece
Burbank pioneer and arrowhead collector Paul Knapp
Why is Lincoln Street So Wide?
1926 account of the construction of First National Studios (later, Warner Bros.)
Shootout at Shakey's, July 17 1978, LA Times
Burbank bank heist, May 14, 1978, LA Times

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