Burbankís Official Song: ďIn BurbankĒ


From the Burbank High School The Blue and White Wave High (2008)



ďIn BurbankĒ was an official song of the city. Written by Code Morgan, a Burbank High School graduate of 1925, the work also had music by Morgan in fox trot rhythm.


Way out west, Iíve built a nest,

In a spot that Nature surely blessed,

ĎTis the place I love the best,

Everywhere sunbeams rest,

In the Valley Ďneath the mountain crest.

Iíll never stray far away,

For thereís peace and rest both night and day,

Soft breezes sway,

Flowers by the way,

And even all the songbirds seem to say:




In Burbank, In Burbank,

Way out in Burbank, California,

I want to warn you,

Donít let your footsteps stray,

When you start to come this way,

For you will surely stay,

Until the Judgment Day.


In Burbank, In Burbank,

Thereís no place on earth that could be fairer,

Thatís no error.

Thereís a happy throng,

Just ten thousands strong,

And in Burbank Town you canít go wrong.


Code Morgan's sheet music for his 1924 foxtrot "In Burbank": One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight.

Vincent Precht's must-see video of the song is here.


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