Lockheed in Burbank

1928-1994 Selected Highlights


By Sherman N. Mullin

(From the January 2010 Senior Bulldogs News)



1928 Rapidly Growing Lockheed Moves to Burbank


1929 Detroit Aircraft buys Lockheed; Allen Lockheed resigns


1930 Lockheed Delivers 60 Vega Aircraft­ Single Engine, Wood Structure Airplanes


1932 Detroit Aircraft Collapses, Lockheed Declares Bankruptcy


1932 Investors Led By Robert Gross Purchase Lockheed for $40,000


1934 First Flight of Model 10 Electra All Metal Commercial Aircraft - 112 Built


1937 First Flight of Model 14 Super 1938 Great Britain Orders 200 Hudson Twin Engine Patrol Bombers - 2941 Built


1939 First Flight of P-38 Lightning Twin Engine Fighter Aircraft - 9,924 Built


1943 Skunk Works Founded to Prototype XP-80 Jet Fighter


1943  First Flight of Constellation Four Engine Commercial Airliner - 748 Built


1943 Lockheed Employment exceeds 90,000


1944 5,864 Aircraft Delivered During the Year


1945 Last Delivery of 2,750 Boeing Bombers


1945 First Flight of P-2 Neptune Maritime Patrol Aircraft - 1051 Built


1948 First Flight of T-33A T-Bird Trainer Aircraft - 5,691 Built


1954 First Flight of the C-130 Hercules Production in Georgia


1954 First Flight of F-104 Mach 2 Starfighter


1955 First Skunk Works U-2A High Altitude Aircraft Produced


1957 First Flight of Model 188 Electra Turboprop Commercial Air­ Liner - 170 Built


1959 First Flight of P-3A Orion Maritime Patrol Aircraft


1961 Death of Robert E. Gross, Succeeded by Courtlandt S. Gross


1964 First Skunk Works SR-71 Blackbird Mach 3 Aircraft Produced


1968 L-1011 TriStar Airliner Program Launched: 82 Initial Orders from Airlines


1968 First Flight of P-3C Orion Maritime Patrol Aircraft Digital Avionic System


1972 First Flight of S-3A Viking Carrier ASW Aircraft - 187 Built


1978 Lockheed Air Terminal (Burbank Airport) Sold to Burbank-Glendale-­Pasadena


1981  Skunk Works Manufacture of First F-117A Stealth Fighter completed


1981 L-1011 TriStar Airliner Program Terminated - 250 Built


1986 Lockheed Corporate Office Moves to New Calabasas Facility


1986 Lockheed & Northrop Winners of First Round of USAF AFT Competition


1989 Last of 59 F-117A Stealth Fighters Delivered by Skunk works


1990  Decision Made to Shut Down Lockheed Burbank Plant


1991  Skunk Works becomes Lockheed Advanced Development Co. (LADC)


1990 First Flight of YF-22A Prototype Advanced Tactical Fighter (ATF)


1991 Lockheed-Boeing-GD F-22 Team Wins USAF ATF Competition


1992 Skunk Works (LADC) Headquarters Moves to Palmdale


1994 Shutdown of Lockheed Burbank Completed



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