Longest Streets in Burbank

Statistical data compiled by Burbanker Lorenzo Boyd

Longest Street in Burbank

Continuous, Miles

Olive, 4.25
Buena Vista, 3.99
Victory, 3.93
Magnolia, 3.86
Kenneth, 3.36 (including Glendale segment 5.88)
Alameda, 3.31
Bel Aire, 2.77
Burbank, 2.68
Beachwood, 2.34

Greatest geographic span, discontinuous

Lamer, 4.5
Verdugo, 4.26
Keystone, 4.17
Hollywood Way, 3.89
San Fernando, 3.81
Lima, 3.73
Tujunga, 2.37

In short order I determined the need for two categories of street length in Burbank;

Continuous (allowing for short discontinuities e.g. Victory at Burbank)
Discontinuous (some gaps are rather large e.g. Lamer missing .5 miles at the B1 Plant and San Fernando is now missing .36 miles)

Shortest Street in Burbank  - Miles

Valerio, .075
Franklin, .09
Van Owen Pl., .18
Kemp, .24

But wait! Burbank Randy Parkes claims that Orchid Lane (a pipe stem feature that is so marked as a lane), near where he was born, is the shortest. Google Maps says it's 111.868 feet long, .02 miles. I believe he's correct!

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