1954 Willys-Overland Accident

It isn't often that I'll dedicate a web page to a traffic accident, but this one is interesting as it features a 1912 Willys-Overland and is so well documented. The following text is from Jill Gipson, Glenn Gipson's daughter, who explains...

"Here are the newspaper file pics of my Dad, Glenn Gipsonís, accident. I love these old black and white photos.

BTW, the one article said that he had just purchased the car that day. In fact, he had just restored the car and had it for several months before this happened. I donít know if the paper got it wrong, or if perhaps my Dad told them that. It could be that he had not properly licensed or insured it, and didnít want to get in trouble! Who knows what a 34 year old would be thinking at a time like that!

I do remember riding in the car as a 4 year old. We had friends who lived on a steep hill on the other side of Bel Aire Dr. I recall going to their house and having the car chug up the hill until it would almost stop (just a few yards), then Daddy would turn back downhill to get some speed going and start up the hill again on the opposite side of the street. Very slow going and made such an impression on me."

The Willys-Overland in happier times...

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