The 1968 Cheryl Perveler Murder

From the April 22 1968 Los Angeles Times:

From the April 23 1968 Los Angeles Times:

From the February 26 1969 Los Angeles Times:

The apartment building at 2021 Grismer Street today. In 1968 it was known as "The Castillian."

Note: There is a lot more to this story than we can cover here! Our recommendation is to read Vincent Bugliosi's account of it in his excellent book Till Death Us Do Part: A True Murder Mystery. Or see the 1992 NBC TV movie adapted from the book.

Convicted murderer Paul Perveler, age 76, is still an inmate in the Mule Creek California prison as of this writing (April 2013).

Finally, as a curiosity: Paul Perveler and the famous filmmaker Stanley Kubrick were first cousins.

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