Index to Burbankia Photo Albums


San Fernando Road
Olive Avenue
Verdugo Avenue
Magnolia Avenue
Burbank Boulevard/Burbank train station
Glenoaks Boulevard
Buena Vista Street
Victory Boulevard/Valhalla/Victory Place
Alameda Avenue
Whitnall highway
Riverside Drive and Pass Avenue


Dr. David Burbank
Joseph W. Fawkes/Fawkes Folly/Fawkes Family
DeLos Wilbur/photographs
James J. Jeffries/Jeffries Barn
Laura Ingalls
Maurice Poirier
Paul E. Wolfe/postcards
Debbie Reynolds
Henry M. Mingay
Vern Sion


The Rose Theatre
Burbank High School
Burbank High School demolition (2002)
Burroughs High/Old Memorial Field
Burbank Military Academy
Various school photos
Aerial images
City Hall (old and new)
Water and Power
Starlight Bowl/Stough Park/Debell golf course
Warner Brothers
NBC Studios
Burbank Police and Fire Departments
Golden Mall
Five Points/The Dip
Bob's Big Boy
Southern Pacific Railroad Crossings
Moreland Truck Company
Benmar Development
Olmstead Benmar Development drawings
Empire China Company
Pickwick Recreational Center
McCambridge Park
Vickroy Park
San Val drive-in theater
Country Clubs (old and new)/Sylvan Falls
Postwar Japanese-American repatriation camp
Old Trapper's Lodge
Cornell Theater
Columbia Ranch
Roberts Drive-In/Van de Kamps
Borrmann Steels booklet (1950s)
Ansel Adams visits Lockheed, 1941
Turkey Crossing
Burbank signs
Modern panoramic views


40th Anniversary (1927)
50th Anniversary (1961)
75th Anniversary (1986)


1903 Map of Burbank
Sacred Films, Inc.
1972 Burbank map
"Burbank: A Photo History"
Pacific Electric Glendale-Burbank (Ira Swett)
Ray Sence Commemorative Book
Fortress Burbank (the 121st AA)
1921 Burbank Memorial Association Fete
1926 City Charter
1930s Burbank pamphlet
"6-16" Model building contest, 1944 & 1945
Christmas, 1947
Christmas, 1948
1957 Burbank Schools newsletter and 1947 Industrial Arts
1948 Annual Report (excerpts)
1953 Mabel Monohan murder
1968 Cheryl Perveler murder
1978 Surety Savings Burbank Scene
Burbank Sports Champions
1959 Time capsule images
1971 earthquake damage
1974 Burbank Community Fair program
Redevelopment c. 1983
Various 1985 images

et cetera

et cetera
Produce, foods, canning
Grocery stores
Eudell McGinnis photos
Burbank calendars
Tournament of Roses Parade floats
Burbank on Parade, 1952
Newspaper clippings
"In Burbank" by Code Morgan

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