Contents of Burbank Time Capsule - 1976

Buried beneath the bust of David Burbank at the main library

Sealed on July 4, 1977 by the Burbank, California, Bicentennial Committee. Dedicated to the citizens of Burbank. In the year 2051 to be opened during their Independence Day celebration. Located on the corner of E. Olive and N. Glenoaks Blvd.

List of Contents

Vern's menu
Tech Graphic Inc. brochure
Burbank City Council Season's Greetings
Bicentennial license plates (28)
Bicentennial emblems (11)
Telephone company book and information
Zero Corporation annual report
Picture of Kathy Eberle and Lee Maple and letter from city library
Post Rider magazine
Starlight BPW bulletin
Rotary Anns of Burbank material
Business and Professional Women's Club of Burbank material
City of Burbank calendar 1976
How-To magazine
Leland Ayers flyer 1976
Burbank telephone directory
Assorted newspaper clippings related to Bicentennial Committee event
Grand Safari circus tickets
Friday Club roster
Glendale Federal Savings Bank picture, flag and small bank
Bicentennial Committee group picture
City of Burbank newsletter summer and autumn 1976
Luther Memorial Church bulletin
Court of St. Anthony's roster
Burbank, California book from Community Bank
1/2 inch stainless steel bellows and aerial view of SSP Ind.
Application of Geothermal Loan Guarantee
Electric Utility Rate study
Pictures of computerized supervisor control units
Pictures of Watt hour meter test board
Study of Hybrid Geothermal/fossil power plants
City of Burbank public service material
Public and private school information
Park & recreation schedules
American Hairdresser magazine
Performing Arts Federation programs and information
Drug brochure
AARP membership lists and material
Women's Club of Burbank roster
City employee booklet
Women's Council roster
Garden Club booklet
Forest Lawn special commemorative program
Time capsule plans and drawings
Little White Chapel bulletin (Lutheran Church Women)
Bicentennial Art Show guest book, newspaper clippings and related data
Genealogy projects, pictures on tea and plaque presentation
Southern California Gas Company information
Safeway stores material
Disney Studio master plan
Pioneer Spirit of America-Burbank Daily Review July 4, 1976
Shakey's Pizza invitation for fund raising
City of Burbank program July 4, 1976
Burbank musical tribute to U.S.A.
1976 calendar from Home Savings and Loan Co.
Humorous cards
Christmas, Mother's and Father's Day greeting cards
Travel Agency folder
Hearing aid information
Bicentennial Committee pamphlet
Questions and answers on Bicentennial Committee pamphlet
Kiwanis Club 1976-1977 roster
Burbank Police Youth Band information
Burbank Choral Club material and pictures
George Washington's Ball invitation and pictures

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