Be on the lookout for this hot-tempered vixen, known only in AoP intelligence circles as "Granny Moses" (not believed to be her real name).

This Southern firebrand is a one woman army, appearing as a vigorous commander of infantry, artillery and sometimes also as a spy. She is shown here directing a Confederate artillery battery of the 57th Tennessee "Bugtussle Guards," believed to be her home unit. Don't let those spectacles fool you! She is keen of eye as well as of intellect, and many an unsuspecting Federal commander, seeing Granny in the distance through his binoculars, has disregarded her military ability - only to find himself and his unit in rout shortly thereafter!

In this image - taken by AoP spy Private Milburn Drysdale at great risk - Granny is shown in a council of war with her lieutenants. Granny wears the ceremonial saber she will use to command her troops. The pretty blonde lass at left is believed to be an operative working out of Williard's Hotel, who sweet-talks high-ranking AoP commanders into revealing tactical and strategic information. This information is relayed by critter through Granny's headquarters to the tall, virile fellow in the center, General Jethro Bodine. While nothing is known of General Bodine, it is known that he has a pronounced weakness for the ladies. The function of the mustachioed fellow is unknown; to this date he has only been observed on the battlefield whittling.

The carte-de-visite at right is perhaps the most useful and illustrative of the limited number of images we have of Granny. Here she is shown in her temptress guise as a spy. Many is the otherwise tight-lipped and security aware Federal officer who has been charmed out of vital information and plans by this dastardly female with her lilting Southern drawl, batting eyelashes and slender waist. Beware her feminine wiles! Truly, Granny is a foe to be reckoned with!