All AoP personnel should be aware of the possible presence of Yellin' Reb on the battlefield. This Reb's method is to loudly taunt Yank soldiers so as to psychologically impair their self-esteem, aim and enthusiam for the fight.

Interviews conducted by the AoP After-Battle Psychiatric Task Force have indicated that Federal soldiers can become disheartened to the point of complete uselessness after being subjected to Yellin' Reb's insults.

Army of the Potomac tacticians theorize that Yellin' Reb might be particularly vulnerable to direct frontal assault by troops with proper ear protection. Yellin' Reb's persistent vocalizations tend to slow down his own rate of fire and unsteady his marksmanship. Furthermore, his penchant for yelling unsolicited advice to his officers tends to weaken the morale and confuse command and control in units to which this clamorous Confederate attaches himself. Nonetheless, Yellin' Reb has indicated that he well deserves his spot in this Know Your Enemies manual.

He is shown in action here, in a progressively moving sequential daguerrotype.