While not endowed with unnatural powers like Super Reb, Blazing Rebel is generally considered a much greater nuisance because he disrupts the sleeping habits of soldiers in both camps by firing off his twin revolvers at night and rousing the pickets. Blazing Rebel should also be considered dangerous due to his habit of firing 200 grain pyrodex loads from his revolvers (occasionally injuring himself as well as Federal soldiers foolhardy enough to take him on single-handedly). Like Super Reb, Blazing Rebel can emit a shower of sparks.

NOTE: the similarity in appearance between Super Reb and Blazing Rebel is coincidental and they are not to be regarded as being related - know the difference! The only thing they have in common is their well-groomed Elvis sideburns. Approach either one with caution; better yet, contact the Army of the Potomac II Corps commander in case of a sighting of either one.