Frederick Schaffer’s letters


Oct 1864

Dear brother in law Philipp Schafer,

I received your  letter of August 6 on August 23 and read that you  and your wife  and child are still healthy  and you write me concerning Fritz’s money ???? ???? ???? on   August 15, 1857 there he has had his money from Christian  ???? of the T ???   borrowed at 7 ½ % a year that is 15 guilders and 30 ???? so he has four children sixty-two guilders  Christian Weber on October 16 ???   ??????   ???  ???  ???  ???  and have asked him whether it is right  ???  does not want to  ??? but bring the money  or  give me then he said he wants to send it himself on October 18 Weber came to the mill and wanted to have the letter but I did not give it to him.  I did read the letter to him but did not give him but only the address. Then he said he would send the money that same week.  In case he does not so please write me without delay.  I did want the money from him to send it but he did not want to give it. He wanted to send it himself.

Dear brother in law, I am now the owner of all the buildings belonging to the K ????tgen estate. In 1849 I ???? the complete mill, in 1856 also a wagon and in 1863 the complete buildings of the estate and have now , with land, meadows and wood about 140 morgen acres  of land. I have 4 children, 1 of my first wife and 3 of my actual wife, 1 son and 3 daughters.

We all are thank God all in good health until now and greet you and your wife and children????   ???? send us the letter when  ???? 

Adam Fischer

(Adam Fischer is Frederick’s mother’s brother. Frederick’s mother was Catharina Fischer Schaffer)



*** Frederick had been mustered out of the Army on 29 May 1865. He had just come home…


July 30, 1865

My dear friend Frederick Schäfer, I do have to write you to bring to your knowledge how it is about the money about which you write to me . I did not yet get an answer from you.

Because you write now to W. Fischer.  You believe I were the man who held the money so long under his hands.  I hope I might be able to send it to the right person, but actually it is nothing else then ???    

Your father??? the  money in August 1864  and it was a burden to care for your wife and children. He wanted the money and shouts and ???  I do not like that your sister Katharina comes in the house ????   whom I sent the money 325, arrived last month in Philadelphia and the answer came back that you were not satisfied  and the second time that your father had it in his hands.  So when he does not hand it over I could bring him to justice (to court), like he brought me to justice.

When I would have liked to keep your money, so I would not even have sent it to your father, but my honor is worth more to me than that money. I have already seen much  in this world and  have the intention to be mold to you so that I do not have to be ashamed.

I want to close now, have the kindness to write us soon.

????????? ((sentence is missing)

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did leave you

Many greetings from myself and my wife Katharina (to you) and your wife, and friends.

(I really care) dear friend, when your father does not get the money etc etc ((unclear and ununderstandable))

Dear friend


W.    Kwits (=???)  Your  Wilma ( ?)

Christian Weber

(I believe Christian Weber is the husband of Frederick’s sister Katharina)


August 30, 1865


Dearest friend !

your letter of July 30 of this year did arrive in time / you write me in your first letter that you ????? would have already sent the amount of 325 guilders and that this has been paid out to my father at Christmas last year  and which we were not yet able to find. At this moment my father does not know anything about the fact that money has been paid to him, money that would not belong to him, nor he knows anything about the fact that he might have been asked to ???  money from Europe (?)  ???.

Because I am willing to believe what my father says,  I have to deal with the fact that you either did not send the money at all, or that the local banker here did not pay to the correct person.  Would my first opinion be right ,  that means, when you did not send the money, so I beg you for your sake, to do this as soon as possible.

If not, I would be obliged to direct to the justice.

When you really did send the money  and you might have a receipt, so I beg you to write me urgently, even when the money is sent, so that I  can control  all over here, who took the money in my name.

In such a case you must join to your letter a certified copy of your receipt join also the bank document of the change.  You must have got a document proving the change of money.

One copy will, as must have been told to you, sent to me.  The other is for you, in case the first one would get lost or in case the money would be paid incorrectly.

Before I close now I would insist on taking my demands into account and send you many greetings.

Yours.                                                                         Frederick Schaffer

Philadelphia August 30, 1865  



Bärenthal November 26, 1865


Friedrich Schäfer writes us from …. What ….. I did send the money by means of a royal notary on October 1, 1864 and acted as a trusted  ……..n W…… and demand no ….. And told him he must send the money to the XXXXXX……   because your father writes he does have to care for your wife and you were in the war I wanted that it came in the hands of your wife.. As I wrote ……. XXXX……. (( 2 unreadable lines)) ….  I would not have taken that much effort and inconvenience  with Wo afterwards  ….   and XXXXXXX  from you all. It took time before I got the money from your father (grandfather) Fischer and afterwards I wrote you a letter without getting an answer until your father  XXXXXXX  and told no good about me…. That I am …. for the …. That …((unreadable)) A soon ….. And friendly greetings to you and my family

Christian Weber


(((what follows from now on, the second part of this letter is written by someone else))

Because Christine Weber is kept under suspicion by you without reason, as if he would not have dealt correctly with the money, so let this message make clear that Christine //////////me the money with 120 Dollar and  immediately afterwards I had /// in London in the Bank Müller and Weyland in London  to the Bank Drexel and Company in Philadelphia

I have ///// in the same house brought in Gold…

because of the war your….

The money… November 27… that was in Park street nr 50… last letter… next letter of January 9, 1865… the Drexel house address sent to nr 142 Park Street, only… there has been  no answer… address also  the last letter went to Egg street  and now it is your… sure to be able to get the money at Drexel's…now this  certifies…


for sure  Louis Philipp Weber   

royal bavarian notary