Death to Injury-Mongering Rebel Scum!!

Introducing Jonah Begone's new model M1991
Explosive Tompion (tm)
(patent applied for)

A. Head of tompion coated with bacon grease for easy penetration through the thickest frock coat or shell jacket!

B. (Not shown) Internal "shur-fire" percussion cap for detonation of powder charge!

C. Exclusive "pene-point" tip to gouge out even the toughest Virginia or South Carolina state belt buckle!

D. Double ring contains filling of arsenic/skillygalee for poison delivery into Reb's bloodstream!

E. Cut-away view shows 100 grains FFFG black powder/ball bearing charge - sure stopping power for even the most rabid Reb!

F. Added fins for stability in flight!

G. Barbs open up after firing - makes removal of tompion difficult under typical field conditions!

Under the new reenacting guidelines of September 1991 the Rebs are ready with tompions of their own - you owe it to the defense of your regiment to establish a balance of power. Emerge victorious, not victimized - get an edge instead! Order enough M1991 Explosive tompions (tm) for your entire unit! Bulk discounts available!

Tompions: They're not just for rust prevention any more!

Another quality product from Reenacting Mayhem International

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