Death to Injury-Mongering Rebel Scum!!

Introducing Jonah Begone's new model MX1991-1A
Strategic Deterrence Tompion (tm)

Zero hour. You know they're out there, ready to fire tompions into your men. A brigade or a division; it doesn't matter. Destruction of men, drums and belt buckles is assured. But you're prepared with the Strategic Deterrence Tompion (tm). T-minus 5-4-3-2-1, and another Confederate attack is destroyed before the first limited edition historical artist can reach the scene!

The laser-guided warhead connected to Corps HQ via high bandwidth fiber optic cable allows you to home in on Rebel food preparation divisions, balls or camp revivals with surgical accuracy. You're ready to sweep the field and to emerge victorious, not victimized!

Precision, throw weight, kill ratio. With the Strategic Deterrence Tompion (tm) you're master of the battlefield!

Available under GSA contract #MDA-91-1865.

Contact your Jonah Arms Representative at all major reenactments for details concerning this innovative new program.

Tompions: They're not just for rust prevention any more!

Another quality product from Reenacting Mayhem International

...a new vision of what living history can be!