Rugby and Rugby School - Let's begin at the beginning. We'll start with encyclopedia definitions

They're not crushers - they just play a lot - An article about rugby from a local paper. Mentions my club.

Scrumming for Dollars - A short, general interest kind of article. Briefly mentions rugby in the 2004 Olympics.

What if William Webb Ellis was tackled? - A what-if? by Alison Brooks.

Play up! Play up! And play the game! - A stirring little bit of the British Empire as it was, and another comparison between a game and war.

Five Nations Rugby (Winners since 1882) - More of a list than an article, really, but fun to know.

Tackling rugby injuries - A study which appeared in a British medical journal. If you find yourself getting hurt in tackles, well, you're not alone.

Parable of the kingdom: rugby and grace (South Africa) - Race, religion, politics and rugby. Whew.

The Role Of The US In Globalizing Rugby, by Jack Clark

The Rugby Ball - It wasn't always made out of synthetic materials and marked "Gilbert," you know.

Three Generations on the Same Rugby Field - This is cool!

No Rugby Theme Park, Please - Historical preservationists, take note.

What Britons Play When Cricket Seems a Bit Tame - American football. That's right, Britons playing American football.

Ruggers Aren't Normal People - An example of some really bad rugby publicity.

American Football - A short history of how American football came to be. Mentions rugby, of course.

Rugby's Mass. Appeal - An introductory article about rugby.

Women's Rugby on the Rise - Had to put a women's rugby in here somewhere!

US vs. Wales - An account of the 1987 meeting between the Eagles and the Welsh National Side.

Palmer vs. Life (No Holds Are Barred When Chiropractic Colleges Vie) - Who is Life College? Now you know.

Don't let these marketeers hijack our team - Change the All-Black's kit? Is nothing sacred?

Ban this gear before a serious injury occurs! - An article about the use of pads in rugby. I agree with the author, rugby with padding is not a good thing. (Especially in youth rugby.)

Grassroots Rugby - Itís Tough Down There - An account of what unfunded U.S. Division II club rugby is like.

American Rugby Clubs Struggle to Find Fields - Another article describing how tough it is to manage a rugby club here in the good ol' U.S. of A.

Rugby player numbers by nation graph