These are rugby cartoons by Paul Brannelly of Blackrhino Promotions in Wellington, New Zealand. They first appeared in a New Zealand magazine called the Rugby News.

About Paul Brannelly: "Like all young Kiwi boys I played Saturday morning in the rain, the cold, in little shorts, NO boots and NO team formation. I played for Eltham Rugby Club (Taranaki, NZ) for about seven years, in the position of wing or fullback. I was a points scoring machine (the goal kicker) and now, like most has-beens, I have my say every time there's a rugby game on the TV. I began drawing cartoons at a very young age, about seven years. My first cartoon was for a Wanganui Newspaper at the age of seventeen, and from there I moved on to the magazines. I first drew "Steve Scrummage" in 1993, but he wasn't published until 2002 in New Zealand's number one rugby magazine Rugby News, which is where you can catch up with him every rugby week."

Please note that all "STEVE SCRUMMAGE" artwork and cartoons are copyrighted to Blackrhino Promotions (P.Brannelly).

Slippery as a...
Super 12 Final!
A Good Break!
Just a Game
Calling for the Ball
The Hand is Quicker than the Eye
Blind as a Bat!
Last Minute Loss
Practice Makes Perfect
Against the Odds
That's Rich!
Semi's or Bust!
Team Work!
Win or Lose
Rugby Love
Bad Language
He Who Laughs Last!
The Mascot?
Now That's Embarrassing!
The Nightmare!
The Half-Time Talk
It's A Long Road to become an All-Black 1
It's A Long Road to become an All-Black 2
It's A Long Road to become an All-Black 3