1928 aerial map
Old Trapper's Lodge documents on file from the Burbank Historical Society (used with permission) and a photo album of the sculptures on site at Pierce College
Lamag.com featured our book Lost Burbank on their website!
Marilyn Monroe in Burbank
A Tramp's Trick (1891)
VisitBurbank.com's What To Do page
1957 Burbank schools newsletter and 1947 Industrial arts booklet
Burbank's Ever Lovin' Light
City of Burbank Citywide Historic Context Report (Sept 2009)
1953-1954 Burroughs Basketball Schedule
1953 Burbank Symphony Orchestra program
1952 Burbank Youth Symphony Orchestra program
1965 Hobby and Gadget Show
Burbank Trece Rifa
1971 Ralph's Footage from "Messiah of Evil".
The Most Accident-Prone House in the County
Fantasy Chamber: Funny goings on at the BWP
Here are 1930s-1960s Burbank boat builder Bill Nollenburger's Mercury boat brochures
Burbanker Claude C. Slate, a designer for armaments for Hughes Tool Co. in Houston: Bomb-hoisting, Bombing armament, Ammunition booster
Caltech General geology of the Verdugo Mountains
The Old Vickroy Park (1988)
Burbank's Wild Parrots
Johnny Carson cites Burbank points of interest
Earthmasters Tractor Company; a magazine article is here
Classic Burbank Things To Do
Ally Bank "Suitcase" ad - Shot in the Market City Cafe and the Gourmet 88 on San Fernando Road and Palm.
Milton "Blackie" Felsen - Burbank Pipe Maker
Back to the Future shooting locations (some of which are in Burbank)
The Last Quonset Hut in Burbank
Ashes of Burbank float volunteer to ride on this year's Rose Parade entry.
Obama motorcade in Burbank
Bur-r-r Bank Ice Cream
Paul McCartney and John Lennon's last jam.
A Visit to the Burbank Holiday Inn Tower
Big Boy Bob's in Burbank video
The Story of Edward W. Spencer
Burbank citizens who died in four American wars (If you have info or pictures about any of these veterans please contact Mike McDaniel!)
The Smoke House Restaurant
The Rock House (the Burbank-Henry Ford connection)
Three Short Verdugos Stories
People From Burbank, California (wikipedia)
Memorial Day in Burbank, 31 May 2010.
The Golden Mall Playhouse
Walking Home From School
Memorial Field at John Burroughs High School
Burbankers Remember
Larry Maxam Park Dedication (17 Apr 2010)
You Know You're From Burbank If...
Canyons in Burbank
R.I.P. Amerio Corradi.
Remember the Mouseketeers. (From Cathy Palmer's blog.)
The Beach Boys in Burbank. (From Cathy Palmer's blog.)
Cathy Palmer's BHS Blog
You're Seriously Old San Fernando Valley If You...
Burbank's Oldest Alumni (in 1978)
The City of Burbank's official website
Memories of the Golden Mall Sav-On
Curt Cassingham's Burbank Police Boys' Band site
Hotsy Alley
The Myth of Neighborhood in the R4 Areas of Burbank
The U.S.S. Enterprise - Made in Burbank!
Larry Maxam: Burbank's Only Medal of Honor Recipient
The Road Kings of Burbank (est. 1952)
A Tribute to Burbank's Small Grocery Stores
Don Ray's Genio's
Tim Burton's Old Haunts
"The Fastest Guys Out There"
The T&A Hobby Lobby
Steingold's Art Van
If you live in Burbank you know this is true!
The Coral Cafe Ghost
Burbank Autobooks/Aerobooks - Since 1951
The Burbank High School Class of 1967 Blog site
Burbank Girl Inspires Beach Boys Song
Burbank High Girl Inspires Who Song
Bud's Auto Service
Hamburger Paradise (Bob's Big Boy in Burbank)
LOVE From Above
UFO Landing Pad
2001 Burbank City Hall Chamber Renovation and Mural Restoration
John Muir School Creed
Standard Brands: Paint Central in Burbank
1920's Valhalla Cemetery brochure

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