1968 Jet Crash in Burbank!


By Bob Meza




I remember this jet crash very well. I was only fifteen when it happened, and it happened just a day or so before I started at Burbank High School. (Which means that the crash was 9/13/1968 and not 10/13/1968 as some of the photo captions have it. - Wes)


I was watching TV when it happened, and they made the announcement.At the time, I lived about a mile away on Rose St. between Pacific and Victory. I called my friend Roy who lived on Dymond, and we rode our bikes over to the crash site. It was horrible.


The jet crashed into a large parking lot behind the Airport Bowl on Vanowen and Denny.†† The Airport Bowl building is still there, but is now a molding company. The homes in the press photos were homes that were on Denny Ave and Clybourn. The jet came in and first hit a parking lot across the street on the west side of Denny Ave, then went across the street and ended up in the Airport Bowl lot. It was in the morning, so the lot was pretty empty except for a few cars. I remember there was debris everywhere. Once the jet hit, parts scattered all over the neighborhood.


It just smashed into many little pieces. I remember an engine came off and landed on a garage where a woman was in her car, getting ready to leave for work. The garage caught on fire, and the woman died in her car.


I also remember a camper mounted on the back of a truck that just had the rear door caved in. Looked like one of the bodies may have ejected out of the jet as it crashed, and the body smashed into the camper door as there was what looked like chunks of raw meat all over it.


It was a very foggy morning, and thatís the reason why the jet crashed. The jet was off course; if it was heading only about 3 tenths of a mile farther north, it would have landed at the proper point on the airport runway.


This was a corporate jet that belonged to Technicolor. Three executives from Technicolor were on this jet, as I recall.


After all these years I still have a small part of the instrument panel that I picked up off the ground that morning.



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