If you live in Burbank you know this is true!


(From the February 2007 Senior Bulldogs News)



- Your parents and grandparents went to Burroughs or Burbank High School.


- You won't wear the other school's color.


- You have heard gossip about someone from the other side of town the same day, nay, hour, it has happened.


- It's perfectly normal to have a gardener, a pool-man, and a cleaning lady.


- You have three theatres in less than a half-mile radius and that's perfectly all right.


- You have adjusted to the planes overhead, either by installing the free noise-proof windows, or just talking louder.


- The high school parking lot looks like a high-end dealership.


- You and or most of your friends were born at St. Joseph's.


- You love Santoro's, Martino's, Pinocchio's, Giamela's or some other Italian-named business.


- You see an actor on the street and aren't surprised... in fact, you're kind of teed off that he took your parking spot.


- You know someone who works for Disney.


- School fundraisers actually raise a LOT of money.


- Your teachers went to your school.


- You've never seen Jay Leno… ride around in the same car twice.


- Every party gets broken up before 11:00 pm, usually because of nosy neighbors.


- You get upset because you can’t cross Chandler Blvd. because of the bike path.


- Your neighbors know more about your private life than you do.



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