3/30/17 - Posted Why props normally aren't lineout jumpers.


4/22/16 - Posted Why Rugby Has Backs Explained At Last. I knew there had to be a reason.


10/9/15 - Gail Foster of Devizes, U.K. wonders What's the crack with Rugby?


3/27/14 - Posted Royall Rugby. (What's this smell like?)

1/28/14 - Posted Rugby player numbers by nation graph.


8/28/13 - Posted Sebastien Chabal Caron ad, 1 and Sebastien Chabal Caron ad, 2. There'a a bit of a joke, here. Among perfumistos Pour un Homme de Caron is considered the great comforting barbershoppy lavender and vanilla scent for men. Does the Caveman appear comforting?

4/29/13 - Posted WWI British athletes poster and Comparative heights of ruggers.

4/2/13 - Posted What Rugby Can Teach Football (soccer).

2/11/13 - Posted Belligerent Old Boy.

1/16/13 - Posted video of Canterbury presents Lego Rugby Highlights.


12/19/12 - Obviously, this site is now moribund. But I tarted it up a bit so that the pages look better on wide monitors and did a fairly thorough broken link check... so that's something...

These days I'm not keeping up with rugby. I'm keeping up with a grandchild. But I do indeed still believe what I posted on the front page: "The only game of rugby you lose is the one you don't play."


9/23/10 - Posted Kelly Ripa Kicks Off High Heel-a-Thon. Guess who won?

8/24/10 - Posted Ode to a Tighthead Prop.

8/5/10 - Yes, I know, I have almost entirely discontinued adding anything new to this page. Sorry. Problem is, I am mentally far away from rugby right now. These days I am working hard at adding material to my home town website. (It celebrates its 100th anniversary next year and I am contributing in my own way.) It also doesn't help that my last playing season was Fall 2006, when I injured my right shoulder and apparently given myself a good case of arthritis; it still hurts four years later. And... I'm now 54. Just how many rugby matches does a man have within him at that age?

But! Russ Grimm has bugged me and sent me some historical articles for which I provide links... The 1886 Rugby Union Laws, Sunset Magazine 1906/1907 (look for rugby in table of contents) and "English and American Rugby" by John Corbin, 1901.

5/27/10 - Posted Kurt Oeler's On the rise of Utah to my Utah Rugby page.

1/26/10 - I got an e-mail from an irate Australian accusing me of racism since it appears the only Australian jokes I run are anti-Australian. Not true! I run what I find, or get. So I cheerfully added his Anti-New Zealand Jokes. (He also accused me of being a New Zealander or a Pom. I am far worse: I am an American.)


And yes, I am aware that I have been neglecting this page as of late. Sorry. I haven't played any rugby for the last three years - I am 53 - and my head has been elsewhere, I guess.


9/16/09 - Added Rugby cartoon.

7/31/09 - Added The Toughest Team in Sports? Also, Rugby vs. (Gridiron) Football.

7/27/09 - Added a mention of the new short film "Warbrick" to the Rugby Movies page.

7/23/09 - Posted Various youtube rugby videos.

7/17/09 - Posted Coconut Brassieres Optional, A Bloody Good Opportunity, England's Tsar Forward, San Diego Rugby Tournament and Penalties, Sin Bins and How to Kick.

7/9/09 - I finally saw "Forever Strong" (2008), so I reviewed it on my Rugby Movies page.

6/30/09 - Posted a link to the Earning their stripes: U.S. rugby team takes aim in spotlight.

6/17/09 - Posted a link to the Fiat haka ad.

5/26/09 - Posted the 1888 Welsh Medal, apparently the oldest in Welsh rugby.

4/29/09 - Fellow Old Boy Jeff Gravatt identifies where some famous ruggers are buried, here.

4/23/09 - Posted Boy Uses Rugby Skills To Save Family From Fire.

3/27/09 - Posted The screen's Jonah Lomu.

2/9/09 - Posted a link to Frédéric Humbert's 1924 Olympics rugby match footage; from his excellent rugby-pioneers blogs. Good stuff!

1/30/09 - Posted Rugby romance novels.

1/8/09 - Yeah, right... posted Soccer tee-shirt.


11/14/08 - I stand corrected - there is rugby played in Libya. See note at end of the Rugby and Islam article.

10/14/08 - Posted Czech rugby ad. The text says, "Soccer is for wussies. Try Rugby."

10/7/08 - Posted Stuff White People Like: Rugby.

9/24/08 - Posted sweatshirt.

8/11/08 - My son assures me that all the hip and with-it webmasters make their links open new windows when clicked, so I have changed the coding on the Rugby Readers Review to do that. I also found and removed or fixed some broken links.

8/7/08 - Added Barbarians jersey embroidery, Initiation of Taiwan's Rugby Football Game Monument, 1905 All-Blacks jersey, A test of commitment to any tackle, Rugby kicker finds home at Ohio State, Field of Broken Dreams, The Power Play, Game brings a punch to the head and a tear in the eye and Seven-a-Side Rugby is Serendipity to a 2nd Row Forward!

8/5/08 - Added I bet she does.

8/1/08 - Added Rugby at Rugby, 1859

7/11/08 - Added Facial surgery and Whee!

7/7/08 - Is rugby dull to look at?

6/19/08 - Bill Brownley takes a hit for ruggers worldwide and reviews A Touch of Life.

5/21/08 - Added The un-licked cub (1905 Punch cartoon).

5/9/08 - Added Rugby strip show caught on video.

4/22/08 - Added Old Men and Rugby.

4/9/08 - Added rugbydump.com to my links page.

4/8/08 - There's a new film coming out about American (specifically, Utahn) rugby, "Forever Strong." I have therefore added a link to the Utah Rugby page. An associated news article is here.

3/27/08 - Stormers 'slap' settles aggressive Qantas passenger

3/19/08 - Nobody likes a web page that isn't updated, but it looks like that's what I've got here right now. Sorry. Been doing other things and haven't had my head in rugby at all. Posted an "In the Bleachers" cartoon.

1/14/08 - It's been a while since I've posted anything. Sorry about that; been preoccupied with other things. Posted Rugby Definitions. Also posted Rugby Canada's excellent pitch diagram. Finally, broken web links suck, so I ran a link checker on the RRR pages and got rid of a bunch of them. Clearly, other websmasters aren't as diligent as I am about keeping content available! :)


11/26/07 - Posted Yoga Props.

11/19/07 - Posted a rather unsettling image: C'est So Paris.com poster.

10/23/07 - Posted O2 Promo, RWC '07, England vs. France

8/20/07 - Posted Open Letter to All Women During the 2007 Rugby World Cup

8/15/07 - Coaching Quotes.

7/29/07 - Rugby player had tooth in his forehead for months.

6/19/07 - My pard Bob Fawcett alerted me to an upcoming American (!) movie about rugby in Utah starring Gary Cole and Sean Astin: "Forever Strong." It's about Highland High rugby and Larry Gelwix, whom I once interviewed. There are a number of movies with rugby in them - and some rugby movies - but I believe this is the first by Americans about American rugby.

6/13/07 - Posted Peekaboo from John Hoprich.

4/3/07 - Posted Steamin' All-Blacks.

3/28/07 - Richard Burton hilariously describes his last match.

3/23/07 - Posted Florida women's prom rugby and Coppertone Australian to the Images page.

3/22/07 - Posted How NOT to tackle a big prop.

2/9/07 - Posted The Difference Between Soccer and Rugby.

1/30/07 - Posted Rugby and Islam.

1/16/07 - Clearly, the people at silverfernz.com know ruggers: Willy wash and Kiwi bum wash.

1/10/07 - Posted a new "In the Bleachers" rugby cartoon.

1/9/07 - Happy New Year! Added a link to The Lordprice Collection of Rugby Pictures to my links page.


12/12/06 - Added Twenty Ways to Kill a Rugby Club.

12/6/06 - Added Is Rugby A Sport?

11/27/06 - Added All-Blacks DNA poster and added Daniel "007" Craig to the Famous ruggers page. Also added a book report: "The Hooligan's Game".

11/3/06 - Added Just plain wrong. And it is.

10/31/06 - Added two additional Pete Murray rugby movie sightings to the Rugby Movies article.

10/30/06 - Andy Smith called my attention to Hooker Wines.

10/25/06 - Posted Sports Illustrated "Caption this" #3.

10/19/06 - Thanks to Internet correspondent Pete Murray, I have added even more info to the Eagles collide image.

9/25/06 - Thanks to Internet correspondent Ed Tyler, I have added some info to the Eagles collide image, as well as added the fetching photo of Gareth Thomas you see at left.

9/13/06 - Posted Is rugby a safe sport for America's youth? Written to assuage the fears of parents, I think, but it's also good information for adults considering taking up the game. After all, do we not also bleed? And if you bend us severely, will we not also break?, etc.

8/11/06 - Posted three great Irish Guinness ads to the Images section. (Scroll to bottom.)

8/9/06 - Is there anything more pathetic than an out of shape fifty year-old showing up on a rugby practice pitch? Read my Rugby Season Fourteen Journal and decide for yourself.

7/28/06 - Added this note to my Rugby Images (and multimedia) page: "NOTE: Since I created this page in late 1998, the Internet has developed many good multimedia resources, Youtube.com and Google Videos being two. If you are looking for rugby videos I suggest typing "rugby" in the search boxes of these sites. There is a lot of good stuff out there that I simply do not have the disk space to store! - Wes" As much as I'd like to collect good rugby video to keep available here, it makes more sense to refer you to the bigger multimedia sites. This being an unpaid hobby rather than a business, I simply do not have the disk space. Also, I once tried to maintain a link to a great "big rugby tackles" video, but international demand kept making my web site hosting company close me down because it exceeded my bandwith limitations. So, as good as it is, this is very much an amateur rugby site after all, folks! (Much like the game is in the U.S.)

7/25/06 - Posted Cross-dressing lawyer skirts dress code. Also, here's a youtube.com Japanese anime video about rugby. The first part is here. The conclusion is here. The episode is called "The Warcry Of Excessiveness," and is from a show called "Full Metal Panic." I don't know how long these links will remain good, but enjoy it while it's up.

7/11/06 - Posted Sports Illustrated "Caption this" #1 and Sports Illustrated "Caption this" #2. Also posted Why hasn't rugby caught on in the States?.

7/6/06 - Posted Pads and Helmets: Rugby vs. Gridiron.

7/5/06 - Posted Panoramic view of a scrum to my Tight Five page.

6/30/06 - Posted The Missing Link Between Gridiron and Rugby.

6/13/06 - Posted Mass arrests as police mistake rugby for brawl.

06/06/06 - Nik Kritikos gave me some more material for the All Black cries after handbag attack article. He also gave me Super 14 Quotes.

6/2/06 - Posted Still Alive! and Ruggers see sport as a way of life.

6/1/06 - Posted Urbicus: Gladitorial Prop.

5/31/06 - Posted All Black cries after handbag attack

5/24/06 - Posted Do You Coach Soccer?

4/26/06 - Posted Blonde Ambition.

4/20/06 - There Once Was a Very Small City.

1/20/06 - Keith DePew checks in again from the frozen south: Antarctic Rugby.

1/13/06 - Thanks to Andy Smith we now know that J.R.R. Tolkien played rugby. I have accordingly updated the Famous Ruggers article.

1/6/06 - Posted Greerton church.


12/23/05 - Posted A resigned old man resigns. Also, Haka aimed at All Blacks, not rivals. Merry Christmas, rugby world!

12/15/05 - Posted a link for Kurt Oeler's new website about U.S. Rugby, Gainline.us to my links page. Also, posted an odd postscript to the Prop catches baby like a rugby ball link. Finally, I forgot to point out that it has now been slightly more than seven years since I created this web site (11/12/1998). As you can see by scrolling down, I have been adding to it ever since. Usually I find an interest or hobby and burn out after five years or so. Rugby, however, is famously addictive.

12/12/05 - Prop catches baby like a rugby ball.

12/5/05 - Posted the Jonah Lomu/Robin Williams connection. Again, thanks to Andy Smith for alerting me!

12/2/05 - Now THIS is impressive: Japan's Sadayoshi Morita, the World's Oldest Active Rugger. Long may he live! (Thanks to Andy Smith for alerting me!)

12/1/05 - Posted some additional recent information about that Welshman who cut off his testicles. The next time you hear a voice in your head saying, "You can do it!", stop and ponder what it is you're encouraging yourself to do.

11/30/05 - Posted Fear Factor and American Rugby.

11/18/05 - It isn't unusual for a rugby player to run with a ball. (Unless that rugby player is me, of course.) And it isn't very unusual for a rugby player to run with a ball naked, public nudity being a rugby thing. But here's a guy running with a (foot)ball not only unclothed, but wearing no skin.

11/14/05 - Scrum-halves used in Russian military systems. (Scroll down to "radar.")

11/10/05 - Posted Yoga for Props.

10/25/05 - Posted Rugby and Sheep - the end of the affair.

9/28/05 - Posted Up and Scrumming - an article about scrotal committment.

9/9/05 - Internet correspondent Kim Evans sent me a great poem, "My Son the Back."

8/3/05 - Posted From the Online Etymology Dictionary.

7/21/05 - Posted The Chippy Game to the Hooker's Tale.

7/15/05 - It's Rugby Ball Day here at the RRR. Posted The Ridable Rugby Ball, The England Rugby Ball Clock (Beep! Beep! Beep! Time to wake up for morning tackle practice!), Rugby ball-shaped golf ball, Ice ball, Mister stuffed Kiwi ball and The Nine Meter Ball. Also posted Is this legal? Finally, posted a cool article about a really unusual church: On a Wing and a Prayer.

7/13/05 - Colin Ip reports on a Welsh rugby film at the bottom of the Rugby Movies article. Okay, okay, it's not specifically about rugby. But for the purposes of the article, if it has rugby in it, it's a rugby film. (I make an exception for "The Committments," which doesn't have any rugby in it but has a kindred spirit.)

7/12/05 - Added a link to The East Terrace, British rugby humor. (Or is that "humour?")

7/11/05 - Colin Ip reports on a Japanese rugby film at the bottom of the Rugby Movies article.

6/21/05 - Posted A Very Rugby Father's Day to the Hooker's Tale.

6/17/05 - Posted Women on the ground. I'm not sure if this is a rugby try or not. From an old postcard. Meant to seem tittilating, I guess.

5/3/05 - Posted a link for Rugby-Pioneers.com, an excellent website from Frederic Humbert of Paris, which shows the game and the players as they were a long time ago. Great stuff!

4/22/05 - Posted Forwards have no modesty, which is what a backline player friend of mine called this photo. Sorry, but I had to remove the 7 MB "huge rugby tackles" file I posted on 4/1. So many people in the rugby world were downloading it, it caused my site to shoot past my limit - which caused a number of automatic shut-downs. Which brings me to another matter... if this site is entertaining you or providing a service, you might consider adding something to my bandwidth fund! (See top page.) This site is, after all, a hobby - I get nothing from it save creative gratification. And with two kids entering college shortly I cannot afford expensive hobbies.

4/20/05 - Posted the Mandatory Rugby Service? to the Hooker's Tale.

4/1/05 - Somebody pointed out that I needed a better image of myself, so here I am, your friendly American rugby webmaster - at your service!

3/29/05 - Added Kojo Annan to the list of Famous ruggers (see the very bottom of the article).

3/25/05 - Added The Night Before Rugby, Buck Shelford: Errant Stud, Specsavers, More About That William Webb Ellis Story and Pardon Me, But Your Teeth Are In My Head.

3/1/05 - Added Kenzo Suzuki to the list of Famous ruggers and Murderball to the list of rugby movies.

2/26/05 - Posted Rugby Gear Not Much Use Against Injury.

2/22/05 - Posted the Practice begins to the Hooker's Tale.

2/21/05 - Posted the Hermaphroditic Rugger.

2/11/05 - Reluctantly got rid of the Guestbook. There was too much automated advertising getting on it, and I'd rather not spend all of my waking hours deleting junk posts. Sorry.

2/9/05 - Added Douglas Bader to the list of Famous ruggers.

2/8/05 - Posted Rugby fan cut off his own testicles. Whew.

2/4/05 - Added The Omen to my list of Rugby Movies. No, it's not really a rugby movie; there's a short sequence, is all.

2/2/05 - Added Rugby leather sofa and Violence At The Snake Bite Classic - Will Utah clubs ever be invited anywhere?.

1/8/05 - Added a (rather lame) Lockhorns cartoon to the Humor page.

1/3/05 - Added Ryan Giggs to the list of Famous ruggers.


12/26/04 - Added James Herriot to the list of Famous ruggers.

12/6/04 - Posted The Hero Inside All of Us.

12/1/04 - Internet correspondant Antonio Allegra fills us in on the Italian rugby movie "Asini" ("Donkeys"), mentioned on the Rugby Movies page.

11/14/04 - Posted The Biggest Star in Our Galaxy Sits within a Rugby-Ball Shaped Cocoon. (No, this isn't describing the location of Jonah Lomu's residence.)

11/12/04 - This website has been up on the WWW for six years!

10/29/04 - Since I can't have you ignorant of basic rugby terminology, I have posted The rugby "cap".

10/19/04 - Posted For some strange reason...

10/5/04 - Posted The Ruck, the Maul and the Joy of Surviving it all.

9/30/04 - Posted X-Box Review (What do those nancy boys know? They ought to put down the video games and get out to the pitch.) Also posted "They Got Game" - how overseas rugby influences the restaurant business in America. Also posted Art With Impact!

9/21/04 - Posted some information about Senator Ted Kennedy's rugby days on my famous ruggers article.

9/16/04 - Posted John Edgar Platt's "The Rugby Scrum".

9/9/04 - Inserted Darby "Get Fuzzy" Conley in my famous Famous Ruggers page.

9/2/04 - Posted an e-mail from Keith Depew to the Antarctic Rugby Page. "Mt. Terror RFC" - you've got to love that club name.

8/19/04 - Posted Rugby player weathervane and An awkward moment.

8/12/04 - Posted George W. Bush (Yale RFC) punches an opposition player. (For more on Dubya's rugby career at Yale, see the famous ruggers article.)

8/5/04 - Posted Entry for "football" from 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica.

8/2/04 - Posted Kenneth Roberts on Rugby.

6/30/04 - Posted Maxim Crap to the The Hooker's Tale.

6/22/04 - Posted England jersey joke and Humorous Bits from Australia.

6/17/04 - Posted Word origin: "Pitch".

6/3/04 - Posted Get Fuzzy (Cat haka).

5/21/04 - Posted Full Contact.

5/5/04 - Posted Must be some rule against it and Young's Pub Scrum Down.

4/23/04 - Posted Le Football.

4/13/04 - Posted Rugby Drink.

4/12/04 - Posted The Unpleasant Lineout.

4/6/04 - Posted The Rugby Recruiter's Handbook.

4/2/04 - Posted Holden's Comeback.

3/29/04 - Posted Perilous Scrum! and Muddy pair.

3/16/04 - Posted A Song for Jonny.

3/8/04 - Rugby on the bottom of the world! Posted Antarctic Rugby. Also added Ian McKellan at a match, Rugby palindrome, Rugby hooker's teeth, W.B. Wollen's "The Last Cent" and Japanese guts.

3/5/04 - Posted a link to rugbyfootballhistory.com's Rugby in the Olympic Games page to the Rugby History page on this site.

3/2/04 - Posted Gary Mendham's comments about the Clifton College Close to the Play Up and Play the Game piece.

2/18/04 - It's the return of the story we can't seem to get enough of. The Australian media analyzes the difference between a wedgie and having John Hopoate sticking his finger up one's bum. (Latest addition at bottom of page.) Also, posted Frozen Sevens, Sunny Sevens to the The Hooker's Tale.

2/17/04 - Posted Worf Plays Some Football - and learns about a similar game.

2/13/04 - Started my Rugby Season Twelve journal, such as it is.

2/4/04 - Added Robert Mondavi to the Famous Ruggers article.

2/2/04 - Added "Animal's" caption to a favorite Old Boys image.

1/29/04 - Mean old Yahoo is putting rugbyfootball.com on a weight loss program (as far as disk space is concerned), so I've had to remove this page's various multimedia links to that site. Sorry. Does anyone out there have about 500 MB of storage space for some great rugby multimedia stuff? If so, contact me.

1/28/04 - Posted Youth Rugby to the The Hooker's Tale.

1/20/04 - Added Tom Tani's section on Eric Liddell to the "Famous Ruggers" article.

1/16/04 - I'm told that Victor McLaglen and Boris Karloff were touring locks! Added this to the "Famous Ruggers" article.

1/13/04 - Added mention of Doug Greene's Yahoo rugby discussion group to the links page.

1/5/04 - Added Alex Webbe's contributions to my venerable and noted "Famous Ruggers" article. Also added Tighthead Prop at the Races to the Tight Five page.


12/18/03 - Posted Cheeky Answer to an Attacking Dilemma, Ballcam, Ref Attacked in Kids' Match.

12/17/03 - Posted Welcome Home, All-Blacks.

12/11/03 - Posted cool old rugby Christmas cards from Rugby Relics to the Images page. (Card #1, Card #2, Card #3, Card #4, Card #5, Card #6, Card #7, Card #8.) Also posted the following comic postcard images: The Hero of His Side, A Hand Off, I Am Now Bound For Home, Sorry, I Can't Stop, Well Tackled, Sir!, A Full Back, A Record Punt, Leaping Over, Rag Time.

12/5/03 - Posted Pom Victoire.

12/3/03 - Posted Three cups, 2003.

12/2/03 - Posted Congratulations from Wales.

11/18/03 - Posted The History of the Webb Ellis Cup.

11/17/03 - I greatly augmented a neglected article: Some Rugby Quotes. Also posted Boks trained at gunpoint.

11/12/03 - Hey, the Rugby Reader's Review has been up for five years now!

10/29/03 - Posted The 2003 RWC to the The Hooker's Tale.

10/16/03 - Added Dan Hearsch's additons to the Famous ruggers article.

10/7/03 - Moved this web site hosting to Simplenet, where there should be far fewer outages. Also, I've run a link checker to make sure that you, Gentle Reader, don't encounter any of those annoying broken links. I endeavor to please.

9/30/03 - Posted the Naked Mile.

9/12/03 - I venture where angels fear to tread and review "The Blue Lawn," a book about a teenage homosexual rugby player.

9/9/03 - Posted a link to the University of Utah RFC home page to the Utah Rugby page.

9/4/03 - Posted All-Black canvas (one of Adidas' goofier publicity schemes) to the images page. Also, posted an article about the University of Utah rugby program to the Utah Rugby page. (Just because I went to BYU doesn't mean I'm not fair-minded! When they get a website I'll be happy to post a link.) Also posted Innocent look.

8/31/03 - Mystery solved! A fellow wrote to me asking for an instrumental version of "World in Union," which I discovered is really something else. It's all explained here, in an updated page about a grand old English rugby song. (Which melody sounds Irish to my ears.)

8/20/03 - Posted USA Rugby Elections to the The Hooker's Tale.

8/28/03 - Posted Hand on face to the Images page.

8/7/03 - The return of Didds! Posted Didds and Baseball to the Didds page.

7/29/03 - I have posted a new section to the RRR: Steve Scrummage cartoons, courtesy of Paul Brannelly of Blackrhino Promotions in Wellington, New Zealand. Also, posted Coordination to the Images page.

7/28/03 - Posted more new images sent to me by Meriel Vincent. They're on the bottom of the Images page, starting with "Darragh O'Mahony" and ending with "Wildcard final." Also, Old Brylcreem ad and Rugby player salt and pepper shakers.

7/25/03 - Posted a bunch of great new images sent to me by Meriel Vincent (female rugger and Saracens supporter from N. London, England). They're on the bottom of the Images page, starting with "Jason Robinson" and ending with "Take that!"

7/22/03 - Posted Rugby Journal Season Eleven.

7/2/03 - Posted Inside the scrum - Rugby and Quidditch.

6/13/03 - Posted Training in the Pub? I'll drink to that.

6/12/03 - Posted Ainslee's from 1899.

6/11/03 - Posted Rugby marker (thanks, Rob!) and rugby glass (thanks John!) .

6/2/03 - Posted Prince William.

5/30/03 - Posted #14 of the "In the Bleachers" series of cartoons to the rugby humor page.

5/2/03 - Posted Mother's Day to the The Hooker's Tale.

5/1/03 - Posted a Country by Country List of the Names of the Rugby Player Positions . Posted on a University of Idaho women's rugby page, I also post it here in order to preserve it.

4/28/03 - Posted 2003 Rugby World Cup Draw.

4/23/03 - Posted Rugby sausage. Also added Daniel Cudmore (Colossus in X-Men II) to the Famous Ruggers article.

4/15/03 - Posted New Zealand Moon. (Thanks, Johnno!)

4/10/03 - Posted "Football is 15" quotes.

4/9/03 - Thanks to Felipe for tipping me off about a couple of movies for the Rugby Movies article.

3/31/03 - Posted Rugby English-Maori translation guide.

3/27/03 - Posted Sponsorship to the The Hooker's Tale.

3/24/03 - Posted Rugby Karaoke.

3/21/03 - Posted Scrum Bums.

3/11/03 - Posted Where in the World is Mother Rugger? to the The Hooker's Tale.

2/26/03 - Posted Rugby: Season X.

2/17/03 - Posted Some Rugby Jokes and Where Ruggers Come From. Finally, the New Zealand Wheelblacks.

2/13/03 - Posted Alex comic: England vs. France

1/27/03 - Posted B.C. football cartoon

1/23/03 - Posted Rugby Spectator Banned for Urinating on Linesman

1/10/03 - Posted Male strippers run scared of all-girl rugby team

1/9/03 - Posted Ornamental Masculinity.


12/28/02 - Posted Silver fern evolution.
12/23/02 - Posted Horsey Ride.
12/17/02 - Posted Superfine Shagg and Photographing Rugby.
12/12/02 - I added a bunch of links of rugby-related videos to the images page. (They're at the top.)
11/27/02 - Added A Rather Ill-Tempered Affair.
11/13/02 - Added three New Zealanders to the Famous Ruggers article (at the top of the page), and a short review of a 1905 movie to the Rugby movies article. Also, posted a couple of articles from Michael Bolan of the Moscow Dragons: Weighty Considerations and No Hanging Up The Boots.
11/12/02 - Posted Wormtown Rugby poster. I'm glad they don't play golf. Also, posted Scrum sleds.
11/8/02 - In observance of Veteran's Day coming up, I have posted An Airman's Letter to his Mother.
11/6/02 - Posted Sexy novel shakes rugby world.
11/4/02 - Posted Brotherhood of the Dented Heads. Also, Vodaphone hears static after stunt hangs up game and Where Old Jocks Go To Die, and Wild in the Streets.
10/31/02 - Posted Roboprops. Also, posted The Lone Star Bunnies (a very unnerving photograph).
10/29/02 - Posted 151-0 loss.
10/28/02 - Posted Rugby world series cartoon. Also, added a new guestbook to the main page.
10/25/02 - Posted Mostly clothed Irishmen win nude touch rugby test. Also, posted Steve Scrummage. Like recipes? Sure... rugby players exchange those all the time. Here's one for Guinness Stew. In the last few days I have gone over nearly all of the pages on this website looking for dead links and errors in order to provide you, the rugby reader, with a quality product. I'm sure some problems remain. If you spot an error or bad link, please contact me.
10/24/02 - Posted Johnno's Photo Quiz. (From Johnno of Keith.)
10/23/02 - Moved this site off of the free geocities space and onto a server located in London. (I tried to find one at Twickers but couldn't.) Plenty of disk space, no more ads or bandwidth restrictions. In the next few days I'll be fixing bad links, so be patient.
10/18/02 - Added When a Try's Scored by a Prop.
10/16/02 - Added a Frazz rugby comic to the humor page.
10/15/02 - Added an update to the Alive in the Andes article - it appears at the bottom.
10/10/02 - Posted The Rugby Intelligence Exam.
10/1/02 - Posted some of Robert Michel's additions to the Famous Ruggers article.
9/27/02 - Posted an addition from Bob Fawcett to the rugby movies article - he tackles "The Four Feathers."
9/25/02 - Posted another addition from Johnno of Keith to the rugby movies article.
9/24/02 - Posted some additions from Johnno of Keith to the rugby movies article.
9/23/02 - Posted some additions from Pete Murray to the rugby movies article.
9/20/02 - Okay, here's an odd one - warning, partial nudity. (In addition to props wearing g-strings.) This is the 2000 calendar of an Italian rugby club on the "A.S. Lecco" website. The caption translations, provided via an online translator, are almost as funny as the images. The first four months, The second four months, The third four months. Finally, I added this Ball's Out Rugby photo page to the Images section.
9/18/02 - Added A Welsh Rugby Player Died For Your Sin-Bins.
9/16/02 - Posted this 2002 All-Blacks Team Photo. Another cool Mexican Rugby graphic from Ron Mader; this one is associated with their November 2nd 2002 "Torneo de Muertos" in Oaxaca. (This is their second rugby tournament - pretty good for a club that is only 14 months old in rural Mexico!)
9/9/02 - Posted this to the humor section.
9/5/02 - Added thirteen of Scott Moore's "In the Bleachers" rugby cartoons (One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen) to the humor page.
9/3/02 - Added Running With Rugby. Also added Life is More Fun in the Tight Five.
8/23/02 - Added The Original 1871 Rugby Laws. (You page through it by changing the p number in the address.) Also added Peter's "Refutations". Added Tri-Nations 2002 to the Hooker's Tale.
8/16/02 - Added an extended passage of text from Planet Rugby about Richard Burton's rugby career to the Famous ruggers article - Pete Murphy sent me this. Also, posted a link for Did He or Didn't He?, Peter Shortell's examination of William Webb Ellis, the Old Rugbeans and... well.. rugby.
8/14/02 - Added Being a ref is dangerous work these days..
8/13/02 - Added Yeah, it's totaled..
8/8/02 - Added The Ten Commandments of Rugby.
8/6/02 - Added Mr. Vodaphone.
8/2/02 - Added Amanda's World.
7/25/02 - Added Mother Rugger's Favorite RWWW Sites to the Hooker's Tale.
7/23/02 - Added a short bit about how golfer Ernie Els left rugby in my Famous Ruggers article.
7/15/02 - Added a short movie review for "Le Placard" ("The Closet") to my Rugby Movies article.
7/3/02 - Added O Canada to the Hooker's Tale.
7/1/02 - Added Richard Harris: "Limerick rugby full of heroes".
5/28/02 - Added The Black Rugby Widow Spider to the Hooker's Tale.
5/22/02 - Posted "Papa Bear" (Jack Clark). Also, posted The Attack of the 92 Foot Goalposts and Bitten finger.
5/21/02 - Posted Cheeky prop. Also, inserted a great rugby quote from Idi Amin into my "Famous Ruggers" article.
5/15/02 - Posted Punch cartoon - Johnson.
5/9/02 - Posted Protect Your Prop Forward.
5/6/02 - Posted Tight Fifteen image.
5/2/02 - Posted rugby excerpts from James Joyce's "A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man." Also, I believe I now have the definitive scoop on Boris Karloff's involvement with rugby in Southern California, which I have added to my Famous Ruggers article.
4/29/02 - Added yet more famous ruggers to the Famous ruggers article.
4/25/02 - Added some more famous ruggers to the Famous ruggers article.
4/19/02 - Added Absolutely the Last Hooker Rant to the Hooker's Tale.
4/8/02 - Posted a collage I found on e-Bay. For lack of a better title, I call it "rugby shorts".
3/25/02 - Internet correspondent Jenney Choi put me right about some Japanese rugby anime. Click here and here.
3/20/02 - Added mention of Chariots of Fire to the Rugby Movies article.
3/6/02 - Added this link (about rugby in Northern California) to the history page. Also, added The Last Hooker Rant to the Hooker's Tale.
3/1/02 - Added Punchin' Welshman.
2/28/02 - Added Mixed messages on sex.
2/27/02 - Added Father and sons play rugby with live mortar.
2/25/02 - Added Punch cartoon - How long?, Punch cartoon- tackle, Punch cartoon - Stoker Smith and Punch cartoon - Smile.
2/21/02 - Added Ancient Locks. (The game of rugby is older than you think.) Also added Punch Ping Pong.
2/13/02 - Added an account of Depardieu's new movie "Le Placard" to the Rugby Movies article.
2/7/02 - Added Nonsensical ramblings to the Hooker's Tale.
2/2/02 - Added Ref needs glasses.
1/14/02 - Added "Flag-Raising Statue Draws Criticism" to the NYC Firemen article.
1/7/02 - Further damaging forwards/backs relations, I have added a little anecdote to the bottom of this rugby positions article. Also, added an article about New Zealand "white flight," Islanders - Rugby's Biggest Winners.


12/22/01 - Added images of the NYC Firemen and the Reenactment of the Pose.
12/10/01 - Added the Effite Rugger to the images page.
12/7/01 - Added a link to "the Hazards of Casting Spells for Rugby Games".
12/6/01 - Added Eagles vs. Springboks to the Hooker's Tale.
12/4/01 - Added A little gift to Osama bin Laden from the U.S. Navy to the missing ruggers article.
11/30/01 - Added legs corkscrew.
11/21/01 - Added the "Mark Bingham and Jeremy Glick will be honored" USA Rugby e-mail to the missing ruggers article.
11/16/01 - Added Donation money to the Hooker's Tale.
11/15/01 - Added a link for the Stadium Pal. Note the testimonial from a Scottish rugby fan. Also, added Rugby and math (1.2 MB .pdf file).
11/7/01 - Added Haka: The Legend Of The All Blacks (a TV program review).
11/2/01 - Added some more New Zealand Rugby Cartoons (sent by Johnno of the Keith RFC.): Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen, Sixteen, Seventeen, Eighteen, Nineteen.
10/24/01 - Added Terrorists beware tee shirts to the Hooker's Tale.
10/18/01 - Added Heavy toll strikes at rugby's soul.
10/11/01 - Added an update to the bottom of the "Terrorists beware, rugby player on board" article.
10/10/01 - Added "Terrorists beware, rugby player on board" to the Hooker's Tale. (By the way, good work, Montana. That is truly inspired!)
10/4/01 - Added Actresses Against Models.
10/3/01 - Added some New Zealand Rugby Cartoons (sent by Johnno of the Keith RFC.): One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine.
9/28/01 - Added two new "In the Bleachers" cartoons by Steve Moore to the humor page.
9/26/01 - Added September 11, 2001 to the Hooker's Tale.
9/24/01 - Added Fake blood!.
9/21/01 - Added the Planet-Rugby/Old Blue (NYC) list of missing and dead ruggers to the Missing and Heroic Ruggers article.
9/20/01 - Added Four of a Kind.
9/18/01 - Added Faster, Pussycat! Ruck! Ruck!.
9/17/01 - Added Missing and Heroic Ruggers.
9/13/01 - Added Mark Bingham.
9/7/01 - Added Orvis catalog and Australian Rugby Jokes.
9/3/01 - Added Romanian murder charge.
8/24/01 - Added The Keyboard is Mightier Than the Sword to the Hooker's Tale. Also, added new style scrum machine.
8/20/01 Added Welsh bean bag toy, Antarctic rugby scrum, Rugby brand razor blades and the Jock Strapp Ensemble.
8/17/01 Added an Interview with Mark Ormsby to the Utah Rugby page.
8/13/01 Read all about barefoot rugby in South Africa here.
8/1/01 Added New Zealand Testicle Injury (Bet that got your attention).
7/31/01 Added There is Always Room (A touching bit of rugby philosophy).
7/30/01 - More or less in time for the Days of '47, I have added a new section: Utah Rugby. Also, added Bugger Rugger and From Rugby Heaven to Battlefield Hell.
7/26/01 - Added three "In the Bleachers" cartoons to the humor page.
7/23/01 - Added The Rivals.
7/11/01 - Added Sponsorship to the Hooker's Tale and Carisbrook program.
7/5/01 Posted a review of the movie "Tom Brown's Schooldays" to the Rugby Movies article.
7/3/01 Posted You can't keep a good hooker down - The flesh-eating bacteria, yet another hazard of play!
6/28/01 Posted The Lone Star Mercenaries - rugby just doesn't get more American-looking than this.
6/25/01 Posted A Life Less Ordinary.
6/18/01 - Added The Mystery Prop. Also added a link for the "Exiles" trailer - see the bottom of the Images page.
6/15/01 - Added 19th C. etching - I know this is supposed to look classical and all that, but it seems pretty homo-erotic to me. Also, added mention of the film "Blood of Heroes" to the rugby movies article.
6/13/01 - Added Inga Tuigamala.
6/11/01 - Added a new article about MTV's Road Rules James at the end of this article.
6/5/01 - Added Cruising for a Bruising and Geological stresses and strains... and rugby.
6/4/01 - Added Touch rugby to the Hooker's Tale. Also added Rugby Injuries on the Rise. Finally, A purse-snatcher's worst nightmare.
5/15/01 - Added Rugby school.
5/8/01 - Added Some rugger's x-ray and How To Perform The Haka.
5/7/01 - Added a link to take the Rugby Maggot IQ Test!
5/4/01 - Added mention of the film "Goodbye, Mr. Chips" to my Rugby movies article.
5/1/01 - Added Book review: My Dad the Rugby Player.
4/25/01 - Added Hong Kong Sex Scrum.
4/12/01 - Added a link for Matt Burton, the paintin' prop. The URL is www.bikegod.co.uk.
4/11/01 - Added Brian Hightower and John Hopoate to the Hooker's Tale.
4/5/01 - Added a twist to the Proctological rugby story - it's at the bottom. (No puns intended.)
4/2/01 - For pain and fever, not to mention broken bones and stud wounds, take rugby brand pills. Also, Rugby bedroom, a clever ad from rugbyrugby.com.
3/29/01 - Added Don't heckle rugby players and Proctological rugby.
3/27/01 - Added Coaching U-19 Rugby to the Hooker's Tale.
3/14/01 - Added Colella's butt.
3/7/01 - Added some images: Making his Mark, Black and White Scotch ad, I will try and Rugby, racing and beer.
3/5/01 - Added Rugby Rampage and Food For Thought (Nando Parrado speaks - for a fee).
3/1/01 - Added Jedi Ruggers.
2/27/01 - Added Kentucky Fried Chicken All-Blacks magazine and Rugby tobacco.
2/22/01 - Added the "NZ Haka" - US-style football.
2/14/01 - Added "Girls Rugby Team" by Partarrieu and Richard Harris tackles Sean Connery.
2/2/01 - Added a young rugger.
1/29/01 - Added Lawrence Dallaglio displays some raw talent.
1/25/01 - Added the All-Blacks Support Van and Picture Post. They're explained on the humor page.
1/22/01 - Added James Dignan's summary of the film "Old Scores" to my rugby movies article.
1/9/01 - Added Six Degrees of Rugby Separation to the Hooker's Tale.
1/3/01 - Added An American Victory in Paris


12/22/00 - Added Jonah Lomu, three balls and Aye, lad, tha's nae wee jersey!.
12/20/00 - Added The Politically Correct Rugby Stadium.
12/19/00 - Added Nekkid grubber kick.
12/18/00 - Added An Ode to Rugby.
12/13/00 - Added comic book-looking All-Blacks
12/12/00 - Added the latest installment of the Hooker's Tale: Life and rugby.
12/8/00 - Added The Rugbys
11/27/00 - Added the (now discontinued) Akteo rugby watch. Also, added the latest installment of the Hooker's Tale: NFL Exhibitions.
11/21/00 - Added Hearty Rugby Songs.
11/17/00 - Added the Stade Francais' nekkid rugby calendar - For 2001. You can buy one - if you'd wantt such a thing - at http://boutique.stade.fr/# "Sensuels, charmeurs, athlétiques, esthètes, les rugbymen du club ont posé nu pour un calendrier événement, les « Dievx du Stade »." Whatever.
11/13/00 - Added five Andy Capp strips: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.
11/3/00 - Added The Rugby Boys at Football (c. 1885)
10/31/00 - Added Murderball (Wheelchair rugby)
10/30/00 - Added The Result of Too Much Beer and the Availability of Pen and Ink. Also, added the latest installment of the Hooker's Tale: Rugby Magazine.
10/26/00 - Added Brial-Bunce punch-up.
10/24/00 - Added a 1921 ad "Rugby at Twickenham"
10/18/00 - Added a 1901 ad "Cadbury Cocoa."
10/10/00 - Added an image of George W. Bush in the Yale XV in the famous ruggers article, as well as mention of Matthew Pinsent.
9/27/00 - Added the latest installment of the Hooker's Tale: (Illegal) Violence in Rugby.
9/26/00 - Added Football at Rugby.
9/19/00 - Added Friends episode: "The One With All the Rugby" - a script.
9/11/00 - Added Who Makes Up These Laws, Anyway? by Buzz McClain.
9/6/00 - Added the latest installment of the Hooker's Tale: The Washington Post survey.
9/5/00 - Added another Tom Hamill episode summary to the Road Rules Rugger article.
8/25/00 - Added another Tom Hamill episode summary to the Road Rules Rugger article. Also added The naked, co-ed scrum.
8/21/00 - Added Cheryl Tiegs, Rugger and the Guinness RWC '99 training kit.
8/18/00 - Added another Tom Hamill episode summary to the Road Rules Rugger article.
8/16/00 - Added Le Rugby.
8/15/00 - Added the latest installment of the Hooker's Tale: Arena Rugby.
8/10/00 - Added another Tom Hamill episode summary to the Road Rules Rugger article.
8/7/00 - Added Rugby: the Fifth Season.
8/4/00 - Added another Tom Hamill episode summary to the Road Rules Rugger article.
8/1/00 - Added 501(c)(3) for your Rugby Club to the My Articles page.
7/26/00 - Added an image of Topless female ruggers on Harleys. (That got your attention, didn't it?)
7/25/00 - Added the latest installment of the Hooker's Tale: Where are all the Sevens tournaments?".
7/21/00 - Added another Tom Hamill episode summary to the Road Rules Rugger article.
7/20/00 - Added an Anime postcard Mat Bacon sent me - thanks, Mat!
7/18/00 - Added another Tom Hamill episode summary to the Road Rules Rugger article.
7/17/00 - Added a link for Sevenacide.com, where you can buy a book of modern rugby short stories!
7/13/00 - Added Fatboys!
7/12/00 - Added Ruggers for Christ and the latest chapter of the Hooker's Tale: Sportsmanship.
7/10/00 - Added A Throw In and Twickers flag. Also, added a rugby movies link to the bottom of the My Articles page.
7/9/00 - Added another Tom Hamill episode summary to the Road Rules Rugger article.
7/2/00 - Added Rugby in Kenya.
6/30/00 - Added Tom Hamill's Road Rules episode summaries to the Road Rules Rugger article. What drama! What will happen next? Also, in an effort to class things up from there I added Condom and Nookie.
6/28/00 - Added the latest installment to the Hooker's Tale: "Road Rules." Also, added an article about this very thing: Road Rules Rugger. Finally, how can I possibly top the Spice Girls doing the haka? Easy. Add Idi Amin's name to my Famous Ruggers article. Thanks to Tom Hammill.
6/22/00 - Added the Unofficial Rugby Survival Guide.
6/19/00 - Added Jersey-pulling.
6/16/00 - Added Rugby hankie.
6/15/00 - Added some new movies to my Rugby movies article.
6/14/00 - Added Rugby, Grubbers, Ruggers, & Me.
6/13/00 - Added Big bear and rabbits. Also added the latest chapter of the Hooker's Tale: Why Can't We Be Friends?.
6/12/00 - Added See anything of Muriel lately?.
6/6/00 - Added Boys try
6/2/00 - Added the Rugby Guide article for June, "Cranky Season" and Neck wrench.
6/1/00 - Added Rugby after shave and Rugby corkscrew.
5/30/00 - Added the rugby cats.
5/25/00 - Added some Rugby thoughts and Six Nations Postcards.
5/23/00 - Added a brief film review of "This Sporting Life" to my Rugby Movies page.
5/22/00 - Added Barbarians Loose in Montreal. Also added Stephen Fry and Billy Campbell to the famous ruggers article and added the Robertson's Rugby Golly pin and the Try teapot.
5/17/00 - Added the latest chapter of the Hooker's Tale: Player Retention.
5/16/00 - Added more images: Bok slayers, An old postcard, Another old postcard, Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, Nearly in, and View of Rugby School.
5/15/00 - Added a bunch of images: A little Welsh tail on display, An Anglo-Irish pileup, Fijian West Side Story, A friendly scrum, Old style lineouts, Is that hand really necessary?, Welsh credit.
5/12/00 - Added Those English will try anything to win!
5/10/00 - Added Minus the pads, Add the Fun.
5/9/00 - Added 1919 Rugby satire from Punch.
5/8/00 - Added Rugby at the 1924 Olympics and Scots and Welsh postcards.
5/5/00 - Added An Old Boys Tale.
5/4/00 - Added Golden Oldies Commandments and Hooker Pat's new article.
5/3/00 - Added a link to my new article The Rugby Word and Phrase Guide to the My articles page. Also, added mention of Che Guevara and Owen Hart to my Famous ruggers article.
5/2/00 - Added Guinness pub sign and Image comics' Comanche.
5/1/00 - Added Garin "Tenpin" Jenkins.
4/28/00 - Added Murrayfield under water.
4/26/00 - Added 1920: Rugby Dream of Bliss and Gaelic Guinness pub sign. Also, I added some links and information to the Didds page, as well as a photo of the author.
4/25/00 - Added Rugby 101.
4/21/00 - Added "Matthe, the rugby and footbal wonder" and Rugby (ND) police.
4/20/00 - Added Michael Bolan's Coaching: We have the technology!
4/17/00 - Added 1934 Rugby league postcard and Rugby, Indiana.
4/13/00 - Added 1926 Barclay's ad.
4/12/00 - Added The Perfect Scrum.
4/6/00 - Added BYU Rugby.
4/3/00 - Added Highland Rugby, Utah High School Rugby Powerhouse and If Disney characters played rugby....
3/31/00 - Added The Ten Commandments of Rugby and The MatchMeter.
3/29/00 - Added Black Is Thicker Than Blood.
3/28/00 - Added Rugby dog print.
3/22/00 - Added the Idiot's Guide to Rugby.
3/21/00 - Added a new section, The Hooker's Tale. Also, Donald Duck's rugby car. (Not a misprint.)
3/17/00 - Added More Rugby Positions.
3/16/00 - Added Roger Uttley and Japanese rugby phonecards.
3/15/00 - Added The Famous Grouse ad.
3/14/00 - Added Rugby print from 1896 and The Rugby Match by William Barns Wollen. And, included some details about George W. Bush's rugby career at Yale in the famous ruggers article.
3/13/00 - Added an article about the Rugger Beers RFC of Japan.
3/9/00 - Added French postcard from the 1924 Olympics rugby match, Rugby mouse whistle and South African postcard: "a scrum".
3/7/00 - Added mention of an exciting new rugby variation - "kissing rugby" - to my general rugby articles page. Only the tough need apply. And, added the newsfeed that appears on the front page, thanks to Brian Reimer of the Rugby Guide.
3/6/00 - Added a link to BYU Rugby.
3/3/00 - Added From an English charity match and Your Astrological Rugby Guide.
3/1/00 - Added Rugby boots cartoon.
2/28/00 - Added My letter gets published in Rugby World. (Cool!) Also, added Harrop puppies.
2/25/00 - Added Twickenham weathervane.
2/23/00 - Added Out of the Game.
2/22/00 - Added Rugby: the Fourth Season and Elliman's Universal Embrocation.
2/17/00 - Added rugby cats.
2/11/00 - Added China won't be teaching soldiers how to play rugby.
2/9/00 - Added a Rugby magazine article about yours truly!
2/7/00 - Added a search feature to the front page.
2/4/00 - Added Rugby league in the US.
2/1/00 - Added Rugger My Pleasure.
1/31/00 - Added some information about Rugby, North Dakota. As it turns out, the place has a claim to fame after all. Also, added The All-Blacks vs. Rugby Androids, Partners in Crime and 1932 postcard image of the Cardiff RFC.
1/27/00 - Added three images: New Zealand Bulldog, Japanese rugby phonecard, Half time. Also added The Origins of Rugby, and updated the Famous Ruggers article to include Trevor Rees-Jones.
1/25/00 - Added How I won a tee-shirt in a rugby essay contest.
1/24/00 - Added Andy Capp to my list of famous ruggers, and added Disney tray and Rugby school postcard.
1/21/00 - Added the Calcutta Cup.
1/19/00 - Added mention of Gallipoli in my rugby movies article.
1/12/00 - Added Count your rugby blessings.
01/11/00 - Added Robertson's Rugby Gollywog (from 1955).
01/10/01 - Added Oxford vs. Cambridge 1910, Scottish Bulldog and The McDonalds All-Blacks Snoopy.
1/7/00 - Added An unhistorical survey of rugby. I also broke up the historical rugby articles from the general interest articles and created new pages.
1/6/00 - Added On the Ball.
1/5/00 - Added Some props shouldn't zulu on hot days.
1/4/00 - Added the 1905 All-Blacks haka.


12/30/99 - Added Rugby in the Year 2000, Well, it's still a cup, right? and the William Webb Ellis marker. Finally, the Rugby Reader's Review boldly dips a toe (editorially speaking) into the world of gay rugby with this Sports Illustrated piece: Scrum as you are!
12/29/99 - Added A rugby pitch.
12/28/99 - Added Rodber at training, Fran Cotton and A Samoan Finger.
12/21/99 - Collected all the Robert Harrop rugby bulldogs and put them at the bottom of the rugby images page.
12/16/99 - Added a link to an All-Blacks O Fortuna video; thanks to Robbo of New Zealand for alerting me to this. Also, Rugby Clown.
12/13/99 - Added my latest Rugby Guide article: Ho, Ho, Ho - It's the Front Row!
12/6/99 - Added Jeff Wilson, headliner, All Blacks Dolls, Welsh Bulldog, and The close at Rugby School.
12/3/99 - Added some of Richard Lowther's movie reviews in my rugby movies article as well as the Philly-Whitemarsh's National 7's poster. Finally, added some links to rugby songs to my links page.
12/2/99 - Added Oxford vs. Cambridge, 1901.
12/1/99 - Added William Webb Ellis' gravesite
11/29/99 - Added John Hart: Guilty!.
11/24/99 - A further drop in the cultural quality of this web site is reflected by this addition: Rugby Rowdy. (No, I don't make a habit of thumbing through these magazines. I found this on E-Bay.) Also, Eggheads, I Love Rugby and I Love Rugby (still), God Defend New Zealand!, These Eagles are Grounded, Aussies Rule and United by Rugby? Finally, I changed logos all over the place.
11/22/99 - After some deliberation, I added Jockstrap for auction!. Also, Pre-Match Rituals.
11/18/99 - I finally got around to renting the videotape of "Alive," which caused me to change some of my comments in the the files in the "Rugby Players Eat their Dead" section. Also, Zulus!
11/17/99 - Added The toughest sport on earth (guess which one that would be). Also, some images: a rugby spoon, a commemorative two pound coin, a rugby Punch print and Australian centennial stamp issue. Finally, added a link to Rugger on the Web.
11/16/99 - Added what do the Pittsburgh Rugby Club, Danes and Oliver Cromwell have in common? Finally, Mmm. Tasty.
11/15/99 - Added Football in 1827.
11/12/99 - This web site has now been on the net for one year!
11/10/99 - Added Rugby Positions. Can't have too many of these types of articles, I figure.
11/9/99 - Added Bad Rugby Art and Rugby, ND, The Harley-Davidson All-Blacks, Two dissimilar sports, 1907 postcard image of the All-Blacks and Winnipeg Rugby. Also, added some illustrations to French songs and the Rugby school tie to Tom Brown's schooldays, not to mention tarting up pages in general with rugby-related images.
11/8/99 - Added "the Book of the Bokke" as well as my November article for the Rugby Guide, "Old Boys will be Boys". Also, a little tribute to Juan Grobler.
11/5/99 - Posted a Prince William update to the famous ruggers article.
11/1/99 - Posted An 1891 rugby ball ad.
10/29/99 - This site got a mention in the 11/1/99 Sports Illustrated! (Thanks to Jason Kioko for tipping me off.)
10/28/99 - Added All Manner of Men.
10/26/99 - Added A rugby lock (Not what you think).
10/21/99 - Added Che Guevara to my list of famous ruggers.
10/18/99 - Added some more of Tom Hamill's famous ruggers. Also added rugby doll.
10/13/99 - Added the names of some more famous ruggers thanks to Tom Hamill. (Chris Farley being a notable one.) Finally, added the Dead Zone.
10/4/99 - Added "Rugby Nicknames" by Tom Hamill and my Rugby Guide articles at the bottom of the page featuring my articles. Also added a link to "Grand Slam" on the multimedia page, and the Argentine eye gouge.
10/1/99 - Added the following images: More bizarre rugby art, Australian stamp issue, 1886 vintage ruggers and The 1905 All-Blacks. Also added a cool little New Zealand fern pin (c. 1925) to the multimedia page.
9/29/99 - Added a cool historic rugger to the top of this page as a logo, and Rugby art, sort of, 1977 Russian rugby stamp issue and Romanian stamp issue to my Multimedia page. (All of this stuff was found on Ebay, by the way. Search on "rugby.")
9/27/99 - Added What's rugby? and All Blacks 747.
9/24/99 - My apologies for the slowdown in articles, but I'm playing rugby this season. This means I'm spending my HTML time updating my club site (click here) and my personal rugby journal, not to mention going to practice, playing matches and healing!
9/16/99 - Added some commentary to the rugby movies article, now that I've seen "Grand Slam" and the "Molly Maguires."
9/9/99 (a notable date!) - Added a link to The Rugby Guide; I now write a monthly column for this site, which in itself is to be wondered at.
9/8/99 - Added some more movie information to the Rugby movies article.
8/27/99 - Added My Thirty Seconds of Championship Rugby Fame
8/12/99 - Added Ten Classic Quotes.
8/9/99 - Added Cat rugby.
8/4/99 - Added Welcome to Rugby, Tennessee
8/3/99 - Added a Third XV to Spot the Prop and added Rugby: The Third Season (to be updated frequently as the season progresses and bones fracture and tendons tear).
7/29/99 - Added The 10 worst haircuts in international rugby - ever!
7/20/99 - Added The Smartest Man on the Pitch
7/19/99 - Added Quad Rugby FAQ by Tom Hamill and rugby baby.
7/16/99 - Added an image of The close at Rugby School.
7/9/99 - Added Fiji's Mesake Rasari smiles for the camera.
7/2/99 - Fixed the formatting in the feminism article below.
6/28/99 - Added
Feminist Fieldwork in the Misogynist Setting of the Rugby Pitch.
6/22/99 - Added Thinking quickly.
6/21/99 - Added Rugby on Horseback, You wouldn't think this would be the result of a groin kick, What's that 'Bok doing up there? and A big Celtic hug.
6/10/99 - Added The Monty Python Flying Circus rugby sketch.
6/9/99 - Added Some Rugby Quotes and Why Rugby. Also added some names to the famous ruggers list.
6/7/99 - Added Dave's Rugby and League Phrase Guide, Version 4.6.
6/3/99 - Added some comments from Pete Murray in my Rugby in Movies article. Also, filled in some details of the horrible New Zealand Eye Gouge.
6/2/99 - Added some of John Thomas' comments in my Rugby in Movies article.
6/1/99 - Added an image of Rugby at Rugby
5/24/99 - Added two cool articles by Michael Bolan: As if rugby isn't hard enough! and Rugby in Russia. Michael plays rugby in Moscow, so he's especially qualified to write on the subject. Also, this.
5/18/99 - Added Jonah Lomu needs a bodyguard?.
4/29/99 - Added Andrew Mehrtens flies the bird.
4/26/99 - Added Bendy knee. (Ouch!)
4/19/99 - Added American Rugby Clubs Struggle to Find Fields.
4/15/99 - Added When Eagles Collide.
4/14/99 - Added a picture of William Webb Ellis.
4/12/99 - Added a cartoon that is about baseball but also relevant to rugby.
4/8/99 - Added Grassroots Rugby - It’s Tough Down There.
4/1/99 - Added Some Old Boys.
3/24/99 - Added the New Zealand Eye Gouge.
3/22/99 - Added some New Zealand All-Blacks haka links here and "Spot the Prop".
3/12/99 - Added an image of George Sucher, US Eagle prop.
3/10/99 - Added Clive, John and God..
2/26/99 - Added Don't let these marketeers hijack our team. Also added some direct links to the Steinlager All-Blacks posters.
2/2299 - Added Chansons de Rugby a la Francaise.
2/16/99 - Added I vow to thee my country.
2/8/99 -Added Ban this gear before a serious injury occurs! Also put a new logo on the links page and on this one.
2/1/99 -Added Jonah Lomu runs, and why not?
1/19/99 - My Rugby: the Second Season journal is here. I'll be adding to it as the season starts and progresses.
1/14/99 - Got an image editor and started tarting up the graphics on this site. One of these days I'll be in the mainstream of HTML craft...
1/12/99 - Added Palmer vs. Life (No Holds Are Barred When Chiropractic Colleges Vie)
1/11/99 - Added The Tight Five, a new section about props, hookers and locks. And it's about time, too. Also added Rugby Movies.
1/8/99 - Added A Prop's Testimony to a Back
1/7/99 - Added Women's Rugby on the Rise, US vs. Wales, Rodber Rocks as Lock and The Unhappy Hooker.
1/5/99 - Added another slew: Ruggers Aren't Normal People, They're Eating the Props!, American Football and Rugby's Mass. Appeal. Also created a new section: Rugby Players Eat Their Dead.
1/4/99 - Added a slew of new stuff: No Rugby Theme Park, Please, What Britons Play When Cricket Seems a Bit Tame, Three Generations of One Family on the Same Rugby Field, A Real, Live "Alive" Survivor Relates his Andes Ordeal, The Rugby Ball, and Famous Ruggers.


12/22/98 - Added The Role Of The US In Globalizing Rugby, by Jack Clark
12/11/98 - Didds strikes again! A Scrum-half's Guide.
12/10/98 - Added a couple of images to the image page. (Me and a Starfleet lock foward.) I also added an article by Didds about the British Lions. Finally, I dorked around with the front page again in an attempt to overcome my deficiencies with HTML and make the thing look better.
12/9/98 - Added four new Didds articles!: What rugby means to me, Professionalism, The 1997 British Lions vs. South Africa match (preview and postview), and European Rugby.
12/8/98 - Added Land's End and the Promotion of Rugby and They're not crushers - they just play a lot (an article about rugby from a local paper), and reorganized the front page to link to subpages.
12/7/98 - Added Attention American Hookers! (A retrospective study of cervical spine injuries in American Rugby, 1970 to 1994.)
12/3/98 - Tarted up the Rugby Book Review with some pictures.
11/25/98 - Added Parable of the kingdom: rugby and grace (South Africa)
11/23/98 - Added an excerpt from Tom Brown's Schooldays; an account of an early rugby match as played at Rugby School.
11/19/98 - Added Tackling rugby injuries
11/18/98 - Added a links page.
11/17/98 - Added an image: Guide Me O Thou Great Redeemer. (Hurray for the wearers of the leek!) Also added Five Nations Rugby (Winners since 1882) as well as a counter. Told Lycos, Alta Vista and some other search engines about this site.
11/16/98 - Changed the reenacting and rugby article a little to make it more comprehensible to ruggers.
11/12/98 - Well, frankly, this web site is what's new! My first rugby season has just finished, but I'm still passionately interested in the game. So... this web site is the result.

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